Core Competency Activity #2

What goal have you been working on–what have you been trying to improve at school, at home, or in the community?

My goal was and still is to get the most out of my learning. I have been doing this by spending more of my own time to really understand the topic that I am learning in school. For example, in this quarter, I am taking accelerated math, and to fully understand what I am working on, I will spend more of my own time to really understand the subject at hand. I will also use the sources of help and information around me to benefit this process.

How has it been going? What challenges have you had?

With learning anything, there will always be those moments where you just can’t wrap your head around a certain topic. I will admit, there have been moments like that for me with math and drafting. To help with this challenge, I will ask for help from others. From communicating with the people I am close with, that may help my learning process.

What artifacts from Q1 or Q2 have you chosen to show your progress?

I have chosen to show my grades from the previous quarter, in which I had English (joint with Social Studies) and Drafting.

What would you like to adjust or refocus on going forward?

I would like to work on my own interest in the topics I choose to pursue in school, meaning that I will care more about certain subjects, allowing me to perform better.

What are some strategies your peers use to cope with stress?

My friends mentioned that, to cope with stress, they listen to music or spend time with friends. Doing these things brings their attention away from their troubles, freeing them of stress.

What habit do you want to establish to help you manage your stress level?

While I also think that listening to music will help me manage my stress but listening to music while working could actually help me work more efficiently with my work, later relieving me of one of my main sources of stress. Of course, with the second point, listening to lyric-less music would be ideal since the lyrics would distract me from my work.