Eminent Introductory Post Reflection

When looking at the blog posts of the people in my respective Eminent group, and I learned quite a bit about the people they chose to talk about. I was especially surprised and impressed with the grade 9s and their Eminent blog posts, as it was their first time doing anything for Eminent, besides the proposal. They were able to gather information about someone and share it in a very clean way. After the Eminent groups were made, I was a bit nervous as I started to speculate that my blog post was not that impressive compared to the others. However, seeing the other’s blog posts helped me feel a bit better about that (not that their blog posts were bad by any means, but that I wrote my blog post at a similar level to theirs). While seeing the other’s blog posts made me feel a bit better about my own blog post, it also showed me that I need to keep up with them and keep performing well. I look forward to learning more about my Eminent person, Shostakovich, as well as the other Eminent people in my group as this project progresses.