Digital Literacy Final Reflection

  • What are your thoughts on hybrid learning (in person and at home) compared to when you are in your learning groups (at school for all classes). Which format do you prefer, and why?

It has been slightly challenging to adjust to the quarter system of half online, and half in person. I personally prefer working at school, in person. I prefer to work in real life because it is less easy for me to get distracted, which I tend to do often. There is more structure to in person classes as well. I also get to socialize with my peers which makes me happy, and its easier to work when I’m happy. I think overall I like working at school more because it is more engaging.


  • How has technology benefitted you during the hybrid learning experience?

Without technology the hybrid learning system would not be possible. Seeing as how half of class is online, technology was more than 50% of my schoolwork. I personally think it helped me with writing a lot. Compared to writing more traditionally, typing is easier for me, and more efficient since it doesn’t take as much time. Adding to that, when writing on something like word, there are automatic grammar and spelling corrections which were very helpful in making my writing sound more professionally.


  • How has technology impeded you during the hybrid learning experience?

Anytime that we were on a Teams meeting or another kind of online call, we had to rely on our technology to stay on and connected. I know that there were many instances with my classmates as well as myself where our computers died or disconnected from the call. Then we would have to reboot, and it takes a long time. In that time the lesson was still going on, and we were missing it. Additionally, I personally found that learning on my computer provided lots of distracting material. you can access many things on the internet in a snap. It was hard to not get distracted, and many times I did.


  • Is there anything that you hope remains a part of school that was new because of hybrid learning after the pandemic is over and school returns to normal?

One thing that I wish would stay the same is the subjects. That sounds vague, so in more depth, I really enjoyed how there were only two subjects to focus on at a time. Even though there was a very large workload, it was easier to study knowing that there were only two things to focus on at a time. I liked that a lot. I think it will be more stressful in the semester system when we have four classes at a time.


  • Link to 2 Projects in school /TALONS that used digital technology and explain how the use of that digital technology enhanced your project. Ideas include In-Depth, Eminent, Zip, individual class projects in Talons or other subjects…


Simplicity Steakhouse Branding Project.pptx



In-Depth Learning Centre


Hello everyone!

This is my final in-depth post! This has been fun, challenging, difficult, and at times frustrating and worrying. However, eventually I accomplished most of my goals, learned some new concepts and approaches to learning new things – and some skills that I will definitely want to grow during the summer and future.

For my learning centre I am going to show my journey and what I’ve learned with a slideshow, and will also show a video demo of the results.

To remind anyone who hasn’t read through my blog, or following all along, I decided for my in-depth project to learn to code and try to build a mod for one of my favourite games – Minecraft. I’m happy to report I learned to code a little (not 100% perfectly, and with a lot of help from my mentor to learn some of the concepts), and managed to create a basic mod which adds a few items to the game. Minecraft is pretty complex, even though it looks simple and some of the concepts took me a while to understand. Through quite a few sessions with my mentor we realized that there are some easier ways to approach the basics and, thanks to forge (the toolkit that exposes the ability to mod Minecraft), a lot of the necessary work is just a quick method away (by extending the parent class).

While I’m very happy with the results of what I set out to do, I wanted to mention some of the things which happened along the way and that I learned. I learned that I am good at imagining the final product, but have a hard time picturing the first step and the rest on the way there – my mentor(s) helped me with “iteration”. I learned many new skills (the basics of two different languages, object oriented programming concepts, a code editor, Minecraft code (!!). I faced quite a few obstacles and overcame them as well as bounced back or adapted. I wanted to build a weather mod in Minecraft, and spent a long time learning a language that didn’t initially help me. Weather mods are very complex and I decided to build something simpler but more successfully. I also met a really nice mentor who was super helpful and understanding as I was learning from scratch.

Will I continue this for my next in-depth? I don’t know. I have learned a few things about myself during this and one of them is that, while I love to MAKE things, I like to try NEW things. I will continue to improve on this project, but I am excited to see what the next challenge I take on is.


I hope you enjoy the links below and thank you for viewing.


  • For a more detailed summary of what I did, check out this slideshow!


  • For a quick demo of my mod “in action”, including indestructible pigs and olympic sprinter cows, click here!

In-Depth Post #6

Hello friends, welcome to my blog post. This is my sixth blog post regarding my in-depth project. I will be updating you on my progress, and I will also be talking about the DeBono concepts from the book, how to have a beautiful mind. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


Progress Report

I have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks, and I believe that I have improved a lot! Most of what I have done, is continuing to work on my coding tutorial program, which if you are interested in, you can check it out for yourself right here. There is not much I can do other than tutorials, since this whole project is my first ever time doing any sort of programming. Its kind of like a complete cold start. However, I have started learning how to write my tutorial codes, into a program called Intellij IDEA. The code won’t be written any differently, but there are certain shortcuts you can take instead of writing something all the way through. For example, the command System.out.println() , can be written with the shortcut sout, which makes it easier to work with.

My mentor mentioned to me that when she was learning to program, she made the same mistake that she thinks a lot of people make. She said you can’t rush into it all at once. Especially for someone like me, who has absolutely zero experience coding and went into this with no knowledge at all. She recommends taking baby steps, even if it takes longer, because it will give you a better result at the end. An example of how I have been following this advice is my HelloWorld mod that I am working on for Minecraft. I started with the example mod that I have learned how to download previously, and then I used my current knowledge, with the help from my dad, to add in some messages to the mod. That way, when we add it into Minecraft, we can test if my knowledge is correct. Here is how that went.


You can think of it like climbing a mountain. You may want to go to the bottom of the mountain, and just climb up right away. The problem with this is, you aren’t prepared. You don’t have the proper training to climb a mountain. That is why you have to train, and you have to take it step by step. Then, once you are really confident with your material, you can go full-on and climb the mountain. That’s how I like to think about what I’m doing with this coding. Baby steps.


Mentor Update

I only have a short little update, and it is that I have had to change mentors because of a change in plans. She is about 8 months pregnant, and she is ill at the moment. Because of that, there is no way that I would ask her to assist me with my project. Since she now isn’t able to help, my father has filled in as my mentor. It is not a big change, since my father is my previous mentor’s employer, and they work together. That means they have the same skill sets, and they also have around the same length of experience.


How to Have a Beautiful Mind

In this chapter we talked about concepts, and why they are important. One of the quotes from the book that I think is very important, is

“You always eat ‘food’. But do you ever eat ‘food’ as such? You do not. You eat steak, you eat chicken, you eat strawberries. You always eat some specific type of food and not ‘food’ in general. Food is a concept. A hamburger is the practical idea.”

I talked with my dad about this quote, and we both can see clearly how it can relate to the subject we are learning about. In programming, there are concepts, and there are ideas. A concept in coding would be known as a class. In that class, there are different commands that you can do, and each class is different.


What exactly did I learn?

I focused recently on a few specific subjects in my tutorial.

System.out.println() – a statement that prints that prints the argument that is passed to it.


int – a variable that is used to hold a value of any whole number, up to a certain

amount. It stands for integer.

double – a variable that is used to store very large or very small numbers. It can

also hold decimals.

boolean – this is a variable that holds a value of true or false.


When any of these variables are used in a program, you need to give them a value, then you can print them to the console. For example, here is something that I did as a practice in my tutorial.


public class GreaterThanEqualTo {

    public static void main(String[] args){

      double recommendedWaterIntake = 8;

      double daysInChallenge = 30;

      double yourWaterIntake = 235.5;

      double totalRecommendedAmount = recommendedWaterIntake * daysInChallenge;

      boolean isChallengeComplete = yourWaterIntake >= totalRecommendedAmount;






In this particular example, math is also used, but it doesn’t always need to be used.


When I learned the math commands, I knew most of them already, but others I had never seen before, because they are used exclusively in java.

*- multiplication

/- division

+- addition

– – subtraction

>= – greater than or equal to

<= – less than or equal to


The last thing I really had to remember this lesson, is getting into the habit of putting a semicolon at the end of a line. Sometimes a program will run without a semicolon, but it is the most effective thing to get into the habit of leaving one in, because majority of the time, if you are in Java, your code won’t run smoothly if you don’t.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post! Stay safe! 🙂






In-Depth Post #5

Hello friends! Welcome to my 5th in-depth blog post. I am going to be talking about a few things today, but mainly my progress, as well as the how to have a beautiful mind chapters.


Progress Report: 

I think I made more progress recently than ever before. I had a call with my mentor on the weekend, and I talked with her about some of the terminology that I was having trouble fully understanding. The two terms that we talked about were objects and methods. I had seen these terms used in my tutorials before, but I didn’t really understand what they meant. And for me its hard to learn things to my full extent when I don’t understand the background behind them. So I asked her about what they were and she gave me an amazing explanation using the example of a birdhouse.

Here is a screenshot of her example: (sorry for the bad quality)

She just described to me what each of the things did, by using the example of what it would do if you were “coding” aka constructing a birdhouse in java.

This is a short voice clip of just some of the things we talk about.

How to have a beautiful mind Dialog


Before the next blog post I would like to work further on a texture pack with a certain theme, then learn how to incorporate it into a simple code sequence, so I could run a command and turn it into that texture pack. I am going to look more at YouTube videos because I found those really helpful.

Thank you for taking a look at my blog post! Have a good day :))

In-Depth Blog Post #4

Hello friends! Welcome to my 4th in-depth blog post. I am first going to do a quick little progress report, and then I will talk about the chapters of how to have a beautiful mind.


Progress Report

Since my last blog post, I would say that I have greatly progressed in my programming skills. Now that I have learned a variety of skills in JavaScript, I have started to dabble in Java, as that is what Minecraft is coded in. I have now installed Intellij IDEA and I am learning how to navigate around the program. I have now learned how to transfer a mod from Intellij to Minecraft, and have done it with the base of the mod I am making, just to check that it works. Now that I have that working, I am able to get fully started on the mod.

Mentor Update

My mentor has been very busy lately, as she is pregnant and with a toddler already. However since I obviously have been trying not to pressure her, I am asking my dad a lot of questions as well since he is also a programmer, and has been for quite some time (my mentor is actually his employee.) Both my dad and my mentor have been more than helpful and are able to clearly explain things in a way that I can understand.

How to Have a Beautiful Mind

The beautiful mind chapters I focused on this blog post are chapters 6 and 7. These chapters focus on how to listen and how to ask questions.

In relation to these topics, I asked my dad these questions for discussion

“In your current role, how have you noticed that active listening is helpful, and how have you noticed that in-active listening is unhelpful?”

You can check out his answer here


My goals at the moment are just to keep progressing in skills that I am learning in Java language. I would also like to further investigate what really goes into making a mod for Minecraft. This way I can let my brain compute some things and maybe try some very basic modding like making a sword and custom blocks.

In-Depth Blog Post #3


This is my third blog post talking about my in-depth project.

I have been working hard to learn new skills and continue my journey to programming.


Progress Update

Since my last update, I have learned plenty of new skills and commands on the computer. My mentor has recommended a tutorial I should use, just to learn the basic things. The website is . I recently finished the first chapter of the program, and now I am learning commands like var, const, and let. The thing that is confusing me the most is the math commands. I am just generally not the best at math, but when I am learning it in a way that is also new to my brain, it is even more confusing. Luckily, I can always ask my dad for help if my mentor is not available at that moment.


Mentor Update

My mentor and I have been communicating back and forth either through email or texting. She has been so helpful, and so understanding whenever I have a question. We haven’t had a lot of time to talk, because she is a very busy person. She has a toddler, a dog, and is pregnant. Her husband also works. So we are both working together to make sure she isn’t over working herself, and she won’t be rushed or stressed because of this project. She was so kind to take time out of her busy schedule to help me and I greatly appreciate that.


Some Struggles I Have Had

I have found that coding is somewhat simple, but also very complex. Coding is very step-by-step, especially java, the language I am coding in. I like this because my brain works very step-by-step as well. I have a very hard time understanding things that I don’t know the process of. Some people will be able to know and memorize the solution to something without knowing any of the logic behind it, but I’m not like that. I have to know why something works to fully understand things. I think the hardest thing for me so far is the math portion of coding. There are many commands that have different meanings, but there are a lot of math related ones, and I briefly mentioned it before, but math is not my strong suit, and those commands are very confusing to me.


How To Have A Beautiful Mind

This weeks chapters are discussing ‘how to be interesting, and how to respond.” I tried to incorporate this into our talks by starting off with something that we liked, and why we like that thing. I think this eased up the tension a bit because we both felt more comfortable (not that we weren’t in the first place). We also talked about how Andrea, (my mentor) got into coding, and why she is so passionate about it. When I asked her this she said –

“I like how quickly you can see the results of code you’ve written. Code is very powerful and can do a lot of things and it’s rewarding to see the effects of what you’ve done almost immediately. Other careers are not necessarily like that. For example doctors could spend a lot of time treating patients and it’s not guaranteed to show results and sometimes results take a long time to appear. I also appreciate that on average a career in software is well-paid and has flexible working hours and conditions which is extremely great for raising a family.”

I found this very interesting because I had never thought of it that way before. This is when the next part came into play. I used the strategy of acknowledging how I found it interesting. This was she won’t think that I was just not listening to her, and it will make her feel heard, which I like. Then I was able to branch off into other topics that related to the previous question. I asked a number of ‘what if’ questions that allowed me to learn more in-depth (pun fully intended) about coding.



My goal right now is to learn the rest of chapter 2 in the coding tutorial program and move onto chapter 3. I would also like to try and use my currently mere knowledge and try and experiment and write some very, very simple lines of code. Just so I can get a feel for how everything works.

 I hope you enjoyed reading about my in-depth project so far! Have a good day!







In-Depth Post #2 – How To Have A Beautiful Mind

During the last couple weeks, I have spent most of my time practicing. I found a tutorial online that many people find helpful, so I tried that out for a while. I have tried to obtain a better understanding of commands and what they do, and I am starting to understand a few certain commands from memory. I am still learning how to put code together, and how it all works when put together, but I think that will be something interesting to find out. We have been constantly communicating and she is super kind and I am so glad that I have such an amazing person to work with for this project. Since she was having some troubles completing her criminal record check, I sent her a few questions so we could still be making progress with the project. When she answered back, she had some great suggestions. This is where I got to apply the skills mentioned in How To Have a Beautiful Life. She suggested that I use some online tutorials, however I had already tried the one she mentioned, so I was not feeling like it would be helpful, because it didn’t help me before. I was able to communicate these feelings in a way that was non-hostile, and understandable. She also remained in a non-angry mood so we were able to resolve this disagreement peacefully and without argument. This I think is an important thing to be able to do because if a mentor and a mentee cannot ‘politely disagree’ on something, it will be a very challenging ask to work together for five months. She suggested that I try a different strategy, but use the same website, and to give it a chance, because a lot of people found it helpful. I have started to do what she said, and I am finding it way more informative than the first time I tried it. I think for me I need to still be able to advocate for myself if I see a problem or I disagree with something, I need to remember that my mentor is a trained professional who does this everyday and has done it everyday for over ten years. Because of that I am very open to what she says and I do agree with a lot of it, even if I don’t fully understand it yet, because that is part of learning new things. And plus, if I act like I already knew everything, there would be nothing to agree or disagree on, and I would just look stupid because she obviously knows more than me. That’s why I think it’s important to know who the professional is in this situation. I think my goal for next week is to spend more time and prioritize it better so I have free time as well as enough to do an appropriate amount of work.

In-Depth 2021- Post #1

This year In-Depth is a bit different because it is entirely virtual. Luckily I have chosen a skill that is actually easier to do virtually. To put it in simple terms, the skill that I have decided to learn about is computer programming. This has always been an interesting subject for me, and for a while I have wanted to learn it. My father has a degree in computer science and currently has a career in that field. When I thought about what skill I could use for my in-depth project, I thought about doing programming, and I remembered that there would be many benefits to choosing it, because I have many people that would be able to mentor me. I thought about it a little more and decided that I liked the idea. My end goal is to code a usable plugin (modification) to Minecraft.

My mentor is a colleague of my father. She has been a family-friend for a long time, and she has a degree in computer science as well! I have talked to her many times over the years and we seem to get along well so hopefully it will work the same over the course of this project.

I think the first step will be to discuss everything with my mentor and make sure we are on the same page. After that I will need to learn the basics of java (a coding language) and start to experiment on how it works. I will of course be recording everything down as I go in a journal specifically for the In-Depth project. I’m going to try my best to stay organised as I go because that makes everything easier. I am planning to meet with my mentor at least 3 times a month, and on days where we aren’t meeting, I will be practicing the material that we went over in the previous meeting.

I am really looking forward to this project! I hope it goes as planned.

Eminent Learning Centre

Hi! Welcome to my eminent learning centre. Things are very different this year, but I think this project gave me a good chance to learn some new ways of presenting. And it taught me a lot! Hopefully it will teach you a little as well.

There will be little buttons you can press to take you to the different sections of the learning centre. (p.s. this works much better on a computer rather than a phone) (p.p.s. the link cannot be clicked, just copy and paste)

I hope you enjoy!


Core Competency Questions

  1. During Quarter 1, what went well for you? Examples: being back in the classroom, having only two courses, seeing my friends, keeping up with homework, playing volleyball, improving math, helping plan a virtual assembly, becoming more fit.
In quarter one, I really enjoyed being back in the classroom. It was nice to have a learning group that I could get close with, because it’s hard to hang out with people during COVID. I also really appreciated how my teacher kept the activities fun for us, because I understand that it was very challenging.





  1. During Quarter 1, what did you find challenging or disappointing or stressful? Explain.
I personally found the workload very stressful. We had to learn everything in only a few days, so it was very fast paced. I came from a middle school where I wasn’t very challenged, so it was definitely a big jump.





  1. Think of ONE thing you really want to improve in Quarter 2 (and Q 3&4). Examples: a school subject, a sport, time spent on homework/studying, playing a musical instrument, leadership skills, a language, photography, a relationship, general fitness.
I really would like to work on my work ethic for next quarter, and my procrastination. I think doing so would help me to focus better, and get more work done. I would also do my work more adequately, and then I would get better grades.





  1. What are two specific actions that you can start doing every day to get closer to your goal? How long will you spend on this action each day? What part of the day?
a)       I can try to start my work as soon as I get the chance, so I won’t get distracted by things, and I will hopefully get it done faster. I think I should try and do an hour of solid work a day.



b)      I will try to start playing music to improve my memory, so I can do better on memorization. I can spend 30-60 minutes a day playing piano or guitar, but not too late at night because I will get too tired to do anything.




  1. If you experience challenges, what might you do to work through them? Examples: ask help from a friend or parent; break the task into smaller chunks; “google” how other people may deal with similar problems.
If I come across a challenge, I will most likely ask my parents for help, so they can give me some pointers. If my parents aren’t available, I will ask my classmates or go onto something like khan academy or YouTube to look up a video on what I am confused about.