remote learning reflection

  1. I think remote learning was much different than regular in class learning and i think it could be beneficial to some depending on the person. During my experience with remote learning i found that i had a hard time being able to work online and stay focused on what i am doing. i personally didn’t like it very much and id prefer learning in a classroom than through a computer which has difficulties like WiFi problems and live videos being leggy and such.
  2. Remote learning wouldn’t be very possible if we didn’t have technology because we do all of our schooling on a device since covid . Its beneficial to everyone because without it we wouldn’t be able to communicate with our fellow classmates and are teachers. We wouldn’t have a platform to actually learn anything because we have to social distance.
  3. It was difficult to learn on technology because of all of the technical difficulties it comes with like WiFi issues and live videos and presentations cutting out or having a loading screen for 30 minuets at a time it made it difficult at times to fully in take what we need to learn.
  4. a core competency that i am proficient with during remote learning is critical thinking. Since not having a teacher around me while learning i have to analyse what i am doing and i have to pay more attention to what is being said online for instructions and stuff because i dont have a teacher around me to ask what to do if i am confused.
  5. since remote learning i have improved and devolved personal awareness and responsibility. its really up to you to hand in and complete your work  on time. You have to be your own reminder since not having a teacher telling and reminding you that u have unfinished work or that you must hand in this assignment.I have developed more self determination because of it. I have to be determined to hand in my assignments on time to get the mark i want.  I have to make the right choices for myself during this type of learning because i dont have a constant reminder to get it finished or to even do it at all.

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