Digital Literacy Reflection #4: Parts of a Cell Presentation

When beginning our biology unit in science, each person in our class was assigned a different part of a cell. Our task was to create 2 slides on a collective PowerPoint presentation, briefly explaining our part of the cell and its purpose. I was assigned the nuclear pore.

Criteria Met:

Creativity, Innovation, Technology Operations and Concepts:

5. I enhance the impact of my research or presentation through creative use of technology.

As we had to use PowerPoint to complete this assignment, I obviously had to work with a digital format. I included images to allow my classmates to visually understand what I was talking about. I also kept the word count to a minimum on each of my slides so that my audience would not have to read words and would listen to what I was saying. In the end, my slides were simple and easy to follow.

Research and Information Literacy:

9. I critically assess research sources for Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose.

Since there are so many websites and resources concerning different parts of the cell, I made sure that if any piece of information I found did not match up with other sources, I wouldn’t use it. As well, I mainly used the most well-known websites so I would know that they are reliable.


(This PowerPoint presentation was accidentally deleted.)

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