A. In this project for humanities (JumpstART), we had to find a partener in class and present a certain revolution using a powerpoint. My partener and I chose the Haitian revolution to research primary and secondary sources for.

B. I was able to find words from websites and put them into my presentation in my own words and make it clear for the audience to understand what is going on. I believe i was able to get points across clear in my words that weren’t too long for people to comprehend. Another thing i think i did well that i have done well in the past is working with my partener and communicating with them well enough to make sure we are both on tracka nd know exactly what work to do in the project

C. Something i challenged with a little bit was being able to be productive while having class time to work on this project. I was normally in a group with my friends and my partener and i found it quite hard to make sure i was on task and not socalizing with my friends instead. This is something i believe i can change quite easily.