Introductory blog post reflection

After I reviewed my peers blog post, I felt like I learned a lot about their chosen notables and what they did to become eminent. Everyone made convincing arguments on behalf of their chosen notable. For example, Sinu’s chosen eminent notable is Britney Spears. Going into the blog post, I was not completely certain that Britney Spears should be considered eminent, but Sinu made an effective and detailed argument for why Britney should be eminent. He made points that she was one of the first female performers to dress provocatively. She had to be brave to dress provocatively as well as resilient to stand against the backlash she got. This process also helped to teach me the importance of constructive feedback. I learned this by giving my peers feedback on their blog post as well as by getting feedback on my post. Constructive feedback is important to help one learn how to improve and change their mistakes and stretches. For example, Mandy told me that the pictures I included were too big, so next time I will reduce the size of my pictures to help the flow of the blog post. Something else I learned was important in regard to constructive feedback is mixing strengths and stretches when criticizing someone’s work. This means telling them something they did well and something they could improve on.  

Thanks for reading my post! Have a great day! 

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