Eminent Blog Post Reflection

I had a fun time taking a look at my group’s blog posts over the weekend. Their blog posts were concise and engaging, yet they all contained a lot of information. It was an enlightening experience to see who each of my peers’ chose as their eminent person and why they chose them. During this process, I learned a lot about my peers and why they consider their chosen person eminent. While reading my group’s blog posts, I learned more about who each of them are as an individual. I learned about a variety of my peers’ interests such as music and art. Everyone in my group made a clear effort connecting their eminent person to themselves, which I enjoyed. Seeing how well my group integrated a part of themselves into each of their blog posts was very inspiring. It has made me want to take some time and work on making deeper connections between myself and Naomi Osaka. At the beginning of eminent I did not plan on Naomi Osaka being my eminent person, but the more I learned about her, the more I wanted to peruse her. During my preliminary research, I was able to draw some connections between Naomi and myself. However, I feel taking some time to find ways that I connect with Naomi Osaka and looking deeper into some of the barriers that may I have connecting with her will be an important part of the next phase of my research.