Eminent Learning Centre 2021

Hello, my name is Naomi Osaka! Below is a magazine you can flip through to learn more about me and my life.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions you have below. I look forward to talking with you!



Binner, A. (2021). Naomi Osaka: international Day of the Girl exists because opportunities aren’t the same for girls. Olympics. https://olympics.com/en/news/naomi-osaka-increasing-sport-opportunities-girls

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Reading this article goes to show Naomi’s passion for fashion and the pride she takes in her heritage. After reading this I looked more into Naomi’s fashion, and I discovered a whole new side of her. I learned that fashion is an artistic outlet for Naomi, and she has worked with many brands and even designed some of her own clothes and accessories.

Levi’s. Naomi Osaka’s Beauty of Becoming [Video}. (2021). YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nQ6GC_jnbo

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Naomi Osaka’s docuseries told the story of her life in a compelling way. It really helped me understand the why behind why she plays tennis. I learned about what goes on behind the scenes. I got to learn about what drives her, why she plays tennis, and her family as well as their history.

Naomi Osaka among Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. (2019). Koydo News. https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2019/04/b84c4a97df4f-naomi-osaka-among-time-magazines-100-most-influential-people.html

Naomi Osaka’s Play Academy Expands to Los Angeles and Haiti. (2021). Nike News. https://news.nike.com/news/play-academy-naomi-osaka-los-angeles-haiti-expansion

Learning about Play Academy through this article was very enjoyable. The creation of Play Academy goes to show how much Naomi appreciates all the opportunities that she has been fortunate enough to have. Now she wants to share her fortune with others and involve young girls in sports through this initiative.

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US Open Tennis Championships. Naomi Osaka Press Conference | 2021 US Open Round 3 [Video]. (2021). YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_g4izDqqwA&t=444s

I knew Naomi felt pressure from herself and external sources however I did not think it was enough to drive her away from tennis. This press conference put into perspective the extent of the pressure. It disappoints me that she has been pushed to a point where the sport she loves does not make her happy anymore.


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  1. Kathleen K

    Hi Makenna – congratulations on representing Naomi so well! Your speech was excellent and I’m blown away by your magazine. So many great insights about Naomi’s life, passion and challenges. Well done!


  2. Ms. Lee

    Wonderful presentation here covering a wide range of aspects with regards to your eminence!
    Naomi, it is so amazing that you use your name and prominence to speak up about so many important issues. What advice would you give other young women who are struggling in the constant spotlight (for athletics or other achievements)?

    • Makenna

      Thank you for all your kind words! What I would say to young women struggling in the constant spotlight is to do what is best for them. When you do what is best for you whether that be using your platform to make a positive impact or stepping away from the spotlight, you will be making a good decision either way. You always need to make sure to do what is best for you. You need to prioritize your happiness and mental health over making other people happy. When you are in the spotlight you have a lot of influence over others and it is important to make good decisions for yourself and lead by example. When you are honest in the spotlight you may inspire other people to do the same and be themselves which will make a positive impact in their lives.

  3. Justin

    Wooooooooo. AMAZING JOB! Ok so first, I really loved the idea of the magazine and the fact that you put “The Eminent” as the magazine name. You executed this idea super well and the magazine looks stunning 👍👍👍 , it’s super clean and I wouldn’t bat an eye if you gave me this and told me this was a real issue. Overall 10/10. I think the magazine could use a bit less text overall but that’s just me. This magazine does a fantastic job of illustrating Naomi’s eminence, but i believe answering the question of her eminence throughout the bulk of the magazine could be a bit more direct like the Editors Note (which was a super neat touch).
    A question I have for you is, “How has Naomi impacted you?”
    Thank you for this great Learning Centre!!!

    • Makenna

      Thank you for the high praise and the feedback! I’ve always loved the name Naomi. I was born in Japan, and although I am very proud of my Japanese culture my parents thought I may not have been accepted within Japanese society because of my biracial heritage. I am very proud of my name and I feel as though I am bringing part of my Japanese culture with me wherever I go.

      • Justin

        Thanks for the thoughtful response! One more question as i forgot you’re supposed to answer in your eminent persons pov, so
        “If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be and why?”

        • Makenna

          If I could change one thing about the world right now, I would change the relationship between athletes and the media. Over the years I have struggled with being in the spotlight because of all the pressure that the media puts on my shoulders. I work and train so hard and when I loose a match I am placed in a room with a bunch of people who ask me questions I am not always ready to answer. For a while I was able to just step away and not do media, but it has gotten to a point where I have needed to step away from tennis all together. It is supper disappointing because I love tennis so much. I just wish people realized that athletes are human too and we have emotions just like you.

  4. Marjory Kamiya

    I watched your presentation again today and was able to view the magazine you put together of Naomi Osaka. Great job!
    I must say that although I hadn’t heard about some of the Eminents chosen by the students, I enjoyed the presentations. Great job by everyone!

  5. Joanne

    Hello Naomi, your story is extremely inspiring. I like your format of the book and how it was so easy to follow along. My question what will you do if you won the lottery? Good Job:)

    • Makenna

      I am glad that my story has inspired you. If I won the lottery the money would go towards my initiative Play Academy. I would use the money to expand the initiative to more countries and get more young girls to fall in love with sport. I truly believe that sport can change peoples lives for the better. I have been so lucky to have been able to pursue the sport that I love and I want to give all young girls the same opportunities.

  6. Annie

    Hello Naomi,
    your journey is so inspiring and I never knew how much you had accomplished at such a young age. The magazine’s colours and presentation represent her personality well and you explain your desire to step back from social media well. How did it feel to have GROWN ADULTS (wtf) tell your father that you wouldn’t succeed?

    • Makenna

      Great question! When I was younger it really bugged me but as I got older it only pushed me to achieve more. One of the main reasons I continued to pursue tennis is my parents. They gave me so much growing up and I wanted to them to make them happy and not have them working so hard. My parents are my have always been my biggest supports and inspirations. Without them and the people telling them I would not succeed, I can promise you that I would not be where I am today.

  7. Robert

    Hi Naomi, I really liked your magazine. The colour, pictures and text were well put together, and they made your blog captivating. What specifically drew you into the sport of tennis?

    • Makenna

      I think what originally drew me to tennis was the love my dad had for the sport. He raised my sister and I on the court. We would train every free moment we had, it was a way our family could bond and spend time together.

  8. AhRa

    Hello Naomi! I really enjoyed reading your magazine-style learning center! It was easy to read and very immersive. I loved how you used such vibrant colours, as they grabbed my attention and contrasted from the information. Would you recommend that other athletes step away from media as well? Overall, I had a fantastic time learning about you.

    • Makenna

      I am glad you enjoyed my magazine! I do not think I would go out and tell other athletes to step away from the media. If they feel the media is putting too much pressure on them, I would definitely suggest they try it. Then if they decide that it is right for them I would encourage them to continue and to only come back when they are ready. If they try it and realize that stepping away from the media is not right for them I feel they should try a different method to of dealing with the pressure placed on them on the media.

  9. Mahtab

    Hello Naomi Osaka. It was very creative how you made your learning center in the form of a magazine. I also like the quote, “The best thing about this journey? The destination is entirely up to you.” because it exemplifies that your decisions control your life. My question to you is: How did your stardom assist you in spreading your views?

    • Makenna

      I really appreciate your kind words! I feel that the platform that I am lucky enough to have has definitely helped me spread important messages. It is the reason that I have been able to take impactful stances about racial inequality and talk about the importance of mental health. Social media has helped my messages reach millions. I am truly grateful that I have the platform that I do and I will continue to use it for good.

  10. Mulder

    Naomi, if you had not chosen to focus on tennis what other sport would you have chosen? You are a thoughtful person who focuses on what is most important in life. Sport is a vehicle for making many other great thigs happen.

    • Makenna

      I definitely agree that sport is a vehicle to make other great things happen. To be honest, I do not know what sport I would have pursued other than tennis. Tennis has been my life since I was three, and my sister and I were practically raised on the court. I did not choose to start playing tennis, but I am so glad my parents taught me because it has become my passion. For so long my life has revolved around tennis, which is why it was so hard to step away from the sport. Without tennis I would not be the person I am today, and I would probably still be living in Japan.

  11. Rian

    Hi Ms Osaka. Wow! I loved how artistic your flip book was! How do you best relate to Makenna? What are some life lessons you taught Makenna?


    • Makenna

      Hi Rian, I am glad that you enjoyed my magazine! On the surface level I relate to Makenna because we are both half Japanese. Some deeper connections that I have with Makenna is that we are both perfectionists and we take to heart what other people think of us. One life I taught Makenna, is that it is okay to put yourself first. Makenna is someone who works to please other people and gives 100% effort to everything she does. Sometimes she needs to take a step away from her school work and do something that makes her happy. When I stepped away from the media and put my mental health first, I inspired Makenna to try and do the same.

  12. kwasstrom

    Thank you Naomi! You are a true inspiration! I was wondering about your connection/interest in other influential female tennis players such as the Williams sisters and what they have faced as women of colour in the sport? Have their struggles and resilience been helpful to you in making decisions about how you want to proceed?

    • Makenna

      My family and I have always idolized the Williams family. My dad looked up to Richard Williams for the way he raised the Williams sisters and lead them to become some of the most impactful players in the sport. I took inspiration from the Williams sisters not only for their playing style, but also for their actions off the court.

      While growing up it was awesome seeing that women of colour could succeed at tennis on the world stage. It pushed me to believe in myself and it motivated me to work hard so I could one day do the same. Althea Neale Gibson is another woman of colour who has broken many barriers in the sport. She was the first ever woman of colour who played tennis professionally.

      Thanks to women like this I have been able to play tennis at a professional level and achieve so much. They have inspired me to use my platform to inspire young girls to get involved in sports. Hopefully some young girl will see me or someone else that looks like her on the court and she will pick up a racket because of it. I hope to continue to using my platform to inspire young girls like other tennis players have inspired me.

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