In-Depth Post No. 6

  1. An update on your progress since the last post #5 as well as a reflection on your mentor meetings online or over the phone 

I’ve started writing slightly more, but my focus has mostly been on the presentation aspects of slam poetry. I’ve had a hard time focusing on writing recently, but I’ve really been trying to push myself out of that “writer’s block”. As for meetings with my mentor, we’ve been having discussions online, and, while it isn’t as valuable as face to face communication, we’ve made it work. Because a big part of slam poetry is about expression, I’ve been talking to my mentor about not only poetry, but life, which I’ve found to be quite helpful in developing my thought process. 


2. Describe how you are going to present and share your final post to our guests during our online In-depth Night on May 25th?

I’m putting together 2-3 videos (audio + visual) of some of my slam poems. They will be short videos (about 1-2 min each), with a very simple background and platform to imitate a stage. I want to have a fairly loose format, so that viewers don’t feel the need to read a summary of my project in order to get the just of it. All I want is to share some poetry accompanied maybe by a couple of sentences explaining the meanings behind them.

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