During this practice interview where I was the interviewer, I felt like it went quite smoothly. I was interviewing my peer, Ronan and being assessed by another one of my peers, Clara. I thought that this practice of being the interviewer was a great idea. This is because, during another project where we had to interview someone about an interest in a future career, I felt extremely nervous. I felt that during that interview I was not confident at all, however with this practice interview I felt a lot more comfortable. I was prepared in having questions beforehand and I was able to comment and make connections to what Ronan was talking about. I was told that I made good eye contact and had a positive, natural energy as well.

This interview wasn’t all strengths, however. There were a few items I felt I needed to work on, and my assessor agreed with them. One being, that I should engage with the answers more. I felt when interviewing that it was hard to transition from one question to the other, and when I couldn’t think of anything to say, I wouldn’t stop and think, but skip to the next question. In addition to this, I believe that I could have added more clarity to my questions, giving examples to support them. I think that this could have helped the interviewee a lot if I had done a better job at this and I will be sure to have this during the real interview.

Overall, I had a great experience with this assignment, and I was able to get some quite insightful feedback from it. I think that this practice has already made me feel a lot more comfortable with interviewing an individual and if I continue to practice, it will become more natural. I think that this assignment will benefit me during the real interview as well as in the long run, so I am grateful for it.

Stay tuned to hear more soon, after the interview!