7 thoughts on “Talon Talk

  1. Great job Ronan! Your presentation was done really well, it was very thorough and covered a lot of different things in a short amount of time. One question I do have is do you have any more information on how the plants actually get the carbon dioxide from the water ? Because I know you did mention how the plants “breathe” in the carbon dioxide and let the oxygen out, but how does the water affect the plant’s CO2 level?

  2. Hi, Ronan really cool TALONSTalk. I really liked that you chose such an important topic. I think you did a really could job answering your question in a way that was easy to understand. I was wondering if there are certain types of trees that are better for the environment? Are there ones that process carbon dioxide better than others?

  3. Ronan
    I liked your overview. It was detailed but not too detailed that it gave away your whole presentation. I wanted to mention that one of your slides were cut out while you were talking. (The one before the picture of Stomata) I would try and double check your slides next time. I would also split some of the information between more slides. It would make it easier to pay full attention if there are more different slides. Otherwise, the information was very clear, and it was well done. I learned even more about trees from your presentation.

    I have some questions for you. Why do you say that 800 billion dollars is cheap? How else do trees affect the environment? Are there other environmental issues that trees could fix? Does the number of trees that grow naturally keep up with the growth of how much carbon we produce? Do all trees equally neutralize carbon?

  4. Hi Ronan, I liked how you had a lot of variation in your slideshow, each slide was very direct about communicating the theme. I’m curious as to what the carbon footprint of such a large tree-planting effort as 1.2 trillion trees would be?

    • Thanks Draedon, 1.2 trillion trees would be removing around 26 trillion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

  5. Ronan! Your presentation was super nice to listen to and watch. It wasn’t too bland and it highlighted the key points relating to your question really well! Highlighting the causes of climate change to further back up your statements was also nice. I particularly enjoyed the quick and simple but effective pros and cons you added. Your tone was also keen and backed up what you were saying very well. Also, great use of pictures and visual aids. An awesome Talon Talk. A really niche wish I have for you is that the last few slides are a bit bland and I would enjoy a bit more colours but that’s partly personal preference. A question I have for you is if there’s any better and more efficient alternatives to planting trees that would reduce the cO2 in the air? Thanks, Justin Q.

    • Thanks for the feedback Justin. I looked into your question and I found that a lot more of the CO2 in the air is actually removed by plants and animals in the ocean like coral reefs, but the thing is there isn’t too much we can do to make the ocean take more CO2 so I would say that trees are the most effective way.