Eminent Intro Post Reflection

While I was reading my peers blog posts, one thing that I noticed was that two people didn’t format their posts into paragraphs and the other three people did. While reading the posts there was a significant difference between the two, the two that didn’t have paragraphs were slightly less engaging than the other three and I found that I lost my spot a few times while reading. Something else that I noticed was some people didn’t use very many pictures and videos which were less engaging compared to the ones that had many photos and links. Although it didn’t make a massive difference in these short posts, a long post that was only words would get boring much faster than one which had a link or picture that I could see every paragraph or two. The final thing that I noticed was how the posts that had a quote at the start I felt like I learned a bit more about the eminent person than in the posts that didn’t have a quote. In my future posts I will continue to use those three strategies to keep my posts engaging and interesting for the reader as well as the helpful feedback that I received on my blog post.

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