Theme Park Project

Contribution Paragraph:

Throughout the theme park project, my main role was to create the characters in our park. I chose the three characters who made the most sense to interact with and used the small bits of information provided about their appearances to draw them. For example, the book mentioned that John looked muscular, attractive, and had long hair, and as there are no pictures of him to reference, I based his drawing on those points. I based the character’s interactions on how they acted in the book, for example, Wayne was showing off his martial arts to Virgil and spent all his free time practicing so, in the park shows off his different martial arts to the guests. After I finished with the characters, I went around the group to see who needed help and ended up helping Ben with the show posters. I made the templated for two of the posters and sent them to him to put text in them however only one made it into the presentation as the other didn’t send properly. Finally, I prepared the slide and script for my PowerPoint slide of the Raccoon mascot of our theme park. By creating the characters of our park, it made me think more about all of the characters in the book as well as the different interactions they had.



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