In-Depth Post 6

Since my last post, I have continued to practice watercolour painting using the materials that I have at home. I mentioned in my previous post that I was running low on watercolour paper and Ms. Mulder suggested that I could learn how to make my own out of recycled paper! I looked for a tutorial online and I ended up finding this video.

It was very helpful and I was able to make my own paper with materials that were already in my house. For example, I needed to improvise with the screen material because that was something that I didn’t have but there were alternatives such as using an old cotton t-shirt or a cheesecloth. Besides making watercolour paper, I have started to think about my final project and also have been communicating with my mentor via messaging. Our mentor is currently in Taiwan and because of the drastic time difference, it is very difficult to arrange video calls because when it’s daytime here, it’s the evening over there. We have been encouraged to continue to practice with the materials we have and have been communicating through texting if we need any help or have questions.

I am still planning on how I want my presentation to look like for our online In-Depth night later this month. An idea I have at the moment is creating a slideshow of all the techniques I’ve learned and paintings that I’ve created since the beginning of in-depth. I was originally planning on having a physical gallery of my work but since that isn’t possible, I’m thinking that this is the next best thing. I have also thought about creating a short video tutorial demonstrating some of the basic watercolour techniques that Nina has taught me. I am not sure if I have the time to do this but it’s something that I could do to present my learning. In-depth has been a fun and exciting journey and I feel that time flew by so quickly. I am excited for in-depth night and to see what some of my peers have been doing over these past months.

Until In-Depth night!

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  1. Great to hear you state that you tried to make your own paper. How did it turn out? Photos of the finished paper product? Did you paint on it? Samples of paintings you have been working on?

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