Remote learning reflection

1) I think remote learning for me was surprisingly well, although I feel it would’ve been better to learn face to face instead of through a screen, I still enjoyed attending classes through a screen. My thoughts on remote learning are that for some people learning face to face would be better instead of through a screen. I feel that people could learn better in person rather than online. I liked how completing assignments and handing them in were convenient, but I didn’t really enjoy how it was kind of complicated when asking for help.

2) I think technology had offered teachers a way to teach us in and out of the classroom. It also has helped us learn in a more convenient way. It also taught us how to rely on ourselves to make sure we turn in work on time. Technology really helped us, because without it we might have not learned anything at all .

3) I think when I have technical difficulties, it gets hard to reach out and communicate with your teachers and classmates. When I either forget to turn in my assignment or I don’t see the teachers feedback.

4)  I think I used communication well because I had communicated with my teachers if I didn’t understand something, or had technical difficulties. For example I contacted my teacher for missing work, just in case I had forgotten to turn it in.

5) I improved my personal awareness and responsibility, because I had  to focus on my work all by myself, and make sure I was managing my time properly. For example how I used personal awareness and responsibility, is I had to finish projects on time like my photoshop project for jumpstART, and also making sure it meets the criteria.