In-Depth blog post 2 


February 9th, 2021 

What’s my skill again..? 

The skill I’ve chosen for my In-Depth project is American Sign Language, or ASL. 

How have I improved since the last post? 

Before finding a mentor, I looked up some YouTube videos to try and learn some signs like that. It worked pretty well, and I ended up finding a good video that helped me memorize the alphabetThere are just a few letters I keep getting confused about, but I’ll keep working on that. 

I also just had my first meeting with my mentor, Tori! In the meeting, we went over the signs we learned beforehand, talked about our schedules, and what we might want our learning process to look like. We also started learning about deaf culture. It was really great to learn from someone in person! Or… As “in person” as an online Zoom meeting can be. Finding a mentor was a wild ride, especially during Covid, and I’m super grateful to Sinu, Jordan, and Anya for letting me be in their mentoring group! Also, thank you, Tori, for agreeing to mentor me! And Ms. Mulder and Mr. Gosselin, for helping too. Also, I think I mentioned my dog in my last post, so I guess I’ll thank him too. 

Anyways, after finding a mentor, I was able to learn a lot more. For examplegreeting signsI’m excited to look at all the resources she sent us and continue to absorb knowledge. 

How to have a beautiful mind 

I read the first three chapters of Edward de Bono’s book, How to Have a Beautiful Mind. It talked about the right ways to agree, disagree, and differing with people. There was a lot of good advice, but there wasn’t really any reason to disagree or differ with my mentor. I mean, I barely know anything about sign language, and she’s way more experienced. Everything she said sounded perfectly reasonable to me! I will try to use the book’s advice on this whenever applicable. 

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