Eminent Introduction Reflection

Reading my fellow student’s blog posts was aextremely memorable experience. All the eminent people had interesting stories, and the way my group members wrote their posts was amazing! I got to learn about Harvey Russel’s incredibly action-filled life, Srinivasa Ramanujan’s impressive journey in mathematics, Tavi Gevinson’s inspiring fashion achievements, and much more. It increased my passion for my own eminent project, and to follow along with the progress of my peers. Their posts led me to establish a connection with their eminent people, especially with Julianne’s post about Christine Sinclair. The incredibly talented women’s soccer player’s story resonated with me, because as a soccer player myself, I found it interesting to read about one as successful and influential as her! As for the comments left by my groupmates, they gave me a great perspective on what enhanced my post, and what I could improve on. Additionally, looking at other’s posts will improve my writing, as I can see the strategies used by them that made their work better and implement them into my own as well. My peer’s comments also gave me great ideas on what aspects of Malala’s life to research next, such as Julianne’s suggestion of looking into her early life, and Raghav’s suggestion of researching the details of her activism. I am very grateful for this opportunity to share my work and see other people’s, and I will utilize what I learned on future projects!

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