Partner Interviews – Eminent Practice Reflection

October 31st, 2021 

Humanities 10 



I have been doing many interview-related activities for the past few weeks, and one of them was the Eminent Interview Practice. All of these experiences not only helped me practice the action of interviewing and being interviewed, but also allowed me to receive valuable feedback from my group members! The feedback that I got during this interview suggested that I speak up more, as it was sometimes hard to hear what I was saying. My assessment person also said that I was fidgeting with my papers a lot, which I personally realized after the interviews were over. These two actions will be hard for me to fix, as I just do them automatically, but I will make an effort to improve on this for future interviews! However, many other aspects of my interviewing went quite well. I am personally quite happy with how I delivered my questions for my interviewee, as I had them prepared beforehand and I elaborated on them, occasionally adding to the conversation. My observer noticed this, and wrote how that was a useful addition to my interview. Additionally, I made sure to engage with what my interviewee was saying, by nodding and keeping some eye contact. (I usually do this actually, but once I did so while interviewing someone on the phone, and that was obviously not as helpful because my interviewee could not see me!) This experience was very useful, as all practice interviews are. I was able to learn from my mistakes and shortcomings and think about how to fix them for future interviews, but also take note of what I did well so I can continue to improve on my strengths too! There was also one more aspect of the practice interviews that I learned from, and that was the observation of my peers. I watched three different interviews take place, each person involved having different strengths and stretches. I took away valuable information from each one, whether that be confident sounding questions and answers, well prepared answers, or focus on the interview. This will help me because I now have an additional perspective on useful and not useful approaches for interviews, and I can apply the useful ones to my own. All in all, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to improve my interviewing skills and learn from my peers. It was a very valuable experience, and I will be sure to apply what I learned to future interviews.