Eminent Learning Center: Malala Yousafzai

Welcome, visitors of the Malala Yousafzai Learning Center. I hope you have an enjoyable time learning about my life and eminence.


Malala Yousafzai Learning Center



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This is the website of Malala’s organization, the Malala Fund, and it has very valuable information such as statistics of the number of girls out of school and insight into Malala’s life. I also used a quote I saw on it as inspiration for my eminence paragraphs: “I tell my story not because it is unique, but because it is the story of many girls.” 

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I used this source as a basis for most of my research. I picked out the most relevant and interesting information I saw and used it as a guide for other areas I wanted to research. I mostly used this article to find the events used in my Timeline and Achievements tabs. I also used some of the information from the article to write more detailed parts of my Learning Center, such as Malala’s nomination for the Children’s Peace Prize. For the areas I wanted more information in, I researched them specifically. 

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I read Malala’s Autobiography so I could get an insightful, in-depth, look at Malala’s story. I did not use any information I read directly from the book on my Learning Center other than the date Malala woke up from her coma, but the book was very useful for gaining an understanding of Malala’s country, religion, life, and activism. 

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I read Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech here and it gave me valuable insight into what Malala’s specific views are about children’s rights and education, and what developed countries and governments should be doing to help. I used this information to help write my eminence paragraphs. One of the big takeaways was her talking about how guns, tanks and war seem to be so easy to get but books, schools and peace are not and how developed countries have a responsibility to help the developing ones. 

19 thoughts on “Eminent Learning Center: Malala Yousafzai

  1. Thank you for choosing such an inspiring young girl to share about. Great job! I know books have been written about her, has she also written her own book(s) too?

    1. I currently live in Birmingham, England. I quite like it here and England has been very nice to me, but I still miss my old home in Pakistan.

  2. I really enjoyed how organized and neat the presentation was. I also liked how there was a balance between the words and the pictures, so there weren’t too many words or too many pictures to make it difficult to read. One question I have is about your opinion on the drone strikes. How would you have handled that situation?

    1. I am so glad you liked my presentation! How I would handle the drone strike situation is a very good question. I am very unhappy with the use of drone strikes, and I expressed that when I met with the former president of the US. I believe that violence is not the way to resolve problems. I cannot directly stop anyone from using violence, but I expressed the importance of focusing on education instead while speaking to Obama and I will continue to advocate for peace.

  3. How do you think Malala had the strength to get through what she went through and to inspire so many people?

  4. Very powerful to learn more about all of Malala’s work and the efforts of her and many for the right to education for all. What do you think we can do here in Canada to make sure there is equitable access to quality education at home and abroad?

    1. I will admit that I do not know a lot about the education system in Canada, but I do know that Canadian residents can do a lot to help children get an education in developing countries. It is a great idea to educate yourself on the situations faced in many of these countries so you can have a better idea of what there is to fix. Another action you can take is to talk to your politicians and speak out for the rights of children’s education. You can also donate to organizations that fight for education, build schools, and help children in need, such as the Malala Fund!

  5. The writing throughout your eminence section was very fluent, and I enjoyed watching all the intriguing videos you embedded within your blog. I was just wondering if you were in control of Pakistan’s education system, what would you change?

    1. Thank you for your question! I would make sure there is affordable education for every child in Pakistan. I would also make sure no extremist or political group such as the Taliban are able to stop children from getting an education ever again. I will also make sure that the education is not taught with the purpose of brainwashing children to be willing to sacrifice their lives for these groups, because that is something that almost happened to my own father.

  6. You are truly an inspiration to so many. Your activism has made such a great impact on the world.
    I really liked the way you organized your information on your website.
    I was wondering what you were feeling when receiving the Nobel Peace prize?

  7. Wow, you did a lot of great work towards the rights to education! You’re learning centre was neat and had lots of great info. What do you think are the next steps you will take in influencing women’s rights?

  8. Thanks for being brave and making a difference. Where do you think your life will take you next?

    1. As I mentioned at the end of my Achievement section, I very recently got married! Therefore, that is a very big part of my life right now. As for the future, I plan to keep working to help all children get an education. There is still a horribly shocking number of children out of school, and though it is a daunting task to fix that I will not give up.

  9. Amazing work! Your website was visually appealing and I loved the images you chose as they helped me to visualize what you were discussing in each section. Who has been your biggest influence? In other words, who has inspired you to fight for women’s rights in education?

    1. Though I have been influenced and inspired by many people, such as the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, probably the biggest inspiration to fight for women’s rights has been my own father. He himself is an activist for education, and ever since I was born he tried his hardest to make sure I didn’t miss out on it just because I was a girl. He has supported me all throughout my life, from when I made speeches against the Taliban taking away girl’s education, when I got shot, and now. We even worked together to co-found the Malala Fund!

  10. Hey Malala! Thank you so much for sharing your life and your activism. I loved reading about your experiences and eminence, but I also loved the pictures of you with your family. It seems that they are very proud and excited for you! Your dad looks especially proud of you!
    I would love to know how you think your life might be different had you not been attacked? Do you think that you would have continued on your path had you not had opportunities to meet with the people you have? Could you have brought as much attention to the plight of women in Pakistan if not for your shooting?

    1. Yes, my father has always been a huge support and inspiration for me and we are both activists for education.
      If I had not been attacked, my life would probably be very different. For one thing, though I would likely have continued speaking out for children’s education, I may not have been as well known as I am now, and be able to bring as much attention to the problems women face in Pakistan. However, perhaps I would have still been able to, just solely through my activism rather than being shot! One of the reasons the Malala Fund is able to help so many people is that people actually know about it, which may have been harder to achieve if I had not been attacked. However, either way I would still be fighting for the rights of children, because that has always been my passion.

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