Blog post #4: How to have a Beautiful mind chapter #8


Welcome to my blog. For the second time hello. This blog post will be about the experience of the second two weeks of March; what I have learned and a simple reflection. For these two weeks again, I have recorded notes of each session went with my mentor. The notes were again, corresponded with the book “How to have a Beautiful Mind” by Edward de Bono. The two weeks were simple because we just started learning more deeply about the engine and so much more. I have included some pictures of what me and my mentor did do enjoy!


Progress Report.


What I have learned in the two weeks I have spent with my mentor is the body of the car and the tire. Me and my mentor talked about the exterior. The body and the tires of the car is the easiest and most basic parts of a car. Same as last week, after talking about the body and the tires I have drawn a model for them. There weren’t new models to find because the cars nowadays have improved so much that there is barley any new designs left. The drawing isn’t that good but here are some of them (at the bottom of the page). I honestly thought learning about a car will be simple but after a while, it is getting difficult knowing that I’m almost the beginner learning. Once a week, I usually look over and review the engine for a while to keep it fresh on my mind. Honestly this week went well, I didn’t really do “things” but I sure did talk and kept thinking about the HATS.


The Book.

This whole In-depth project will be based on the book called “How to have a Beautiful mind” by Edward De Bono. This book talks about all the different aspects of life and the mind to make understanding and working smoother. Each week I did chapter 8. This week was fun.


This week in chapter 8, Bono talked about the “six hats”. The hats all had different colours and represent different methods. These were the six hats:


White hat- information’s/ facts: Soft facts- covers pieces that are missing on the topic that we still want to know.

Red hat- emotional: trusting your guts and thinking about it. Feeling in the body that could rely on intuition.

Black hat- critical thinking: making own ideas stand out and judging other people’s information to leave no mistakes.

Yellow hat- positive value: just making sure that why some idea will work and why its good.

Green hat- creative thinking: Think outside the box… be more creative.

Blue hat- purpose: basically, the main hat that should be on you head, guides which colour hat you should use.

(By the way if you didn’t know yet, these hats aren’t real. They are just metaphors the author used in the book. I know, we wish they were real).


Examples of me and my mentor using them in our meeting. (J= me, M= mentor)

Meeting #1

J- Hello!

M- hi

J- what are we talking about this meeting?

M- I don’t know, should we talk about the body of the car?

J- sure why not!

M- ok so do you have any ideas?

J- yes, but their all like used, many companies are extinction the body styles.

M- what about the low car style you drew, what do you think about it?

J- it looks good but going over speed bumps and potholes it will scrape or even fall off.

M- good, many companies made it so the car can elevate up and down depending on the driver preference.

J- Are even low cars even legal, they could leave damage on the city’s roads.

M- They are not illegal as far as I know, they will be going more damage on the car more then the roads.

M- are you done yet?

J- yes, this is my slim design I made (look at picture #2) I made it so only two people and fit, leading back, and it will also have autopilot.

M- looks good, where did you get the idea?

J- mostly from my imagination, thinking about a car you will be comfortable sleeping in.

M-these cars could be loud because if you are leaning back it will be very loud because the engine will be right behind your head. But nowadays the engine is very quiet in very expensive cars.

J- I guess if I do build a design and sell it to a big company, I might be rich!

M- you might, Hooray.

J- I think lower cars are better than higher cars.

M- I don’t think so, I will prefer higher cars.

J- Why?

M- I just like them, they will be better for my height and they are strong.

J- but higher cars take up more gas, that means more money you will be losing.

M- oh well.

(The colours are not showing up so click ME to see the example of colours)

(the drawings are pretty bad:/)

Thanks for clicking, Cheers!