Blog post #5: How to have a Beautiful mind chapter #9-10.


Welcome to my blog. For the fifth time hello. This blog post will be about the experience of the first two weeks of April; what I have learned and a simple reflection. For these two weeks again, I have recorded notes of each session went with my mentor. The notes were again, corresponded with the book “How to have a Beautiful Mind” by Edward de Bono. The two weeks were simple because we just had a review of everything about the engine and so much more. I have included some pictures of what me and my mentor did do enjoy!


Progress Report.


The two weeks, me and my mentor did very quick reviews. Everything about the engine, the exterior of the car and the interior of the car. Me and my mentor worked on drawing engines in a simple detailed way on paper; this also included the transmitter and all the engine parts of a car. We also practiced drawing of a car in whole. I am not a good artist, so I had a hard time, but it was still fun and interesting to look at. There will be some of my good drawings at the bottom of the page. I always took about 15 minutes to work on my drawing, it might seem little, but cars are very hard to draw.

During the four long weeks here is what I did each week.

On the first week (basically the first week of spring break) I was going to go my mentors’ shop (it was going to be fine because we are in the same bubble) but he said the week was busy so I could not go. What I did at home was look at my car and draw a little car model of it. I guess drawing cars isn’t car ‘mechanics’ but I still has fun. A trouble I had during the session was drawing everything the same size. It was hard to keep everything look the same size while making it on an angle.

On the second week of I did the same thing but on my dad’s car. I guess I did better this time because the car was smaller. I also remembered to keep everything the similar size. This picture of the car took shorter because I did some practicing over the week drawing little cars.

On the third and fourth week we started to wrap things up.  He talked about the engine and a quick review about it. One thing I was practicing the most was drawing an engine. Having a much better understand of the engine made me feel better about the whole car itself. All the ideas I have learned started to come all together and is starting to make a big picture.


The Book.

This whole In-depth project will be based on the book called “How to have a Beautiful mind” by Edward De Bono. This book talks about all the different aspects of life and the mind to make understanding and working smoother. Each week I did chapter 9 and 10.


Chapter 9


For this part of the book, it talked about different concepts. One idea that stood out for me was hen he talked about the exercise. It stood out for me because he talked about making my own concept and hoe to make one. This made me think before my sessions on how I could figure out a concept I could allow into our conversation. After every meeting with my mentor, I thought of a concept example. Here are some I have found during my meetings. The first example of the concept is when the first few weeks of the four weeks we had, we were in a concept of drawing and illustrating a car. Another concept we had was drawing a car in whole. This may not seem like a concept but drawing little parts to putting it all together was a concept for me.


Chapter 10


In this part of the book, it talked about alternatives and how they are so important. A t the start of the chapter the author stated that “Progress, energy, change, improvement, and simplification are all based on the search for alternatives”, this helped me get a better understanding of the idea. Some of the alternatives my mentor has given me on this project was in the first few sessions with my mentor he stated if I wanted to read out of the textbook or he could explain what was in the book. Of course, I said I wanted of keep the textbook because it would help me get a better understand of the engine. Another time my mentor had given me two alternatives were when he said if I wanted to focus on the engine or the electric part of the car. They are both a part of simple car mechanics, but I choose the engine because at that time it felt more mechanic to me. I think if another mentor gave me alternatives, I think they would give me easier, and more simple ones to choose. My mentor I have right now is very close to me so he knows a lot about me and even makes me choose how I would want the whole project to be based on. But if I had another mentor, I do not think it would be as free and as flexible as now.


Final project.

This post will be my last and final In-Depth post before my big project. For my final project I am planning to make a time laps videos on a whiteboard that shows me drawing a car engine/ outer part. I will focus mostly on drawing it nearly so I will be able to label all the parts I have drawn.


Thanks for coming to my final post! Come back for part 2!