Hello, My name is Joanne and welcome to the final in-depth post I will make this school year. Over the past 5 months I have been learning about simple car mechanics. I have drawn and made progression to my knowledge with my mentor. If you want to see my other reports I have made you can go to my powerpoint and look over some of it. Other than that, here is my power point of what I did and learned and the outcome of my In-depth project. Feel free to ask questions and comments in the section below. Have a great night:)


Summary of the powerpoint.

I put in pictures of what I drew of what I know. It includes the engine, body, seat, inside the hood, and a full picture of a car.


10 thoughts on “Final In-depth post!

  1. Where is your website? I would have loved to see some photos of you doing repairs under the hood. What is next for you in terms of this project and skill?

    1. Oops! That website was supposed to be PowerPoint(typo). I couldn’t get lots of pictures under the hood because me and my dad was the only one working and we were too busy. Something that is next is keeping the knowledge in mind and reviewing it one a weeks and using it if needed to. Also for my drivers test it will be helpful.

  2. Your topic is so cool! I liked how you drew out the images for your presentation. What was your favourite thing to learn about this topic?

    1. Thank you! I think my favourite thing to learn was the things under the hood because there was so much things to learn about:)

  3. Hey Joanne! I think your in-depth is very interesting. Car mechanics must be complicated to learn! Great sketches. Not sure but have you done any repairs on a car and if so which was the most difficult repair for you to do?

    1. I did some easy repairs. One of the hardest was replacing a tire because it was heavy and they screws were hard to undo.

  4. Hello Joanne!!
    Very cool! Your presentation on car mechanics was very easy to follow and I liked the different illustrations you incorporated. Is there any reason to why you chose car mechanics for In-Depth?
    Congrats!! (:

    1. Thank you Kalayla, I choose this topic because I was interested in this topic for a while. I also thought that this could be very helpful for my future.

  5. Super awesome chosen topic! You’ve obviously learned a lot, great job!

  6. Hi Joanne…this sounds like a really cool project. I wish I could see more details of what you did..what were the key skills you learned about the engine? Did you work on the engine? How does an engine work? What are the different types of engine? How do size, speed, brand matter? I’d love to hear more!

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