My first year of high school was very different than I 
expected because not only of the new school but of Covid and
hybrid learning. At first it was hard to adapt to, staying 
at school for 16 hours a week and doing 6 hours of school 
online. At first it was easy for me because I had a ride 
therefore moving between school and my house was easy. But 
when I had to start riding the bus it got hard attending 
classes on time; Also, it was very stressful as well. In 
the other hand I prefer being at school for the whole day. 
I know it will get exhausting at the end of every day but 
having to go through courses in a couple months makes me 
feel I didn't really learn anything.
Technology was a big part of the hybrid learning because it 
was the only thing we used. I have learned a lot from word, 
to PowerPoint, to Teams. Using a device everyday made me 
feel more comfortable doing work online.
But technology hasn't always worked out for me. When my 
classes were doing meetings sometimes my computer would 
lag and that makes it had for me to cooperate with the 
lesson. I am also at home that time so I can't really ask
for any help. 

Ted talk

I think the first every point I had at the start of the 
school year was the Ted talk. It needed lots of different 
inputs such as pictures, own text, voice, and links. It was 
hard at first and challenging, but after getting the hand of
it I successfully finished the assignment well. It sure is 
not the best quality but I believe my power pointing skills 
will get better. 

In- depth

In depth as one of the major ways I got used to my blog. 
The first post I posted on my blog I didn't know what I was 
doing, but because of In- depth and posting every couple of
weeks I think I am capable of doing many adjustments and 
posting in better qualities.