Reading my group’s eminent posts, there was a wide verity of idea’s throughout the field. From musicians, to politic leaders, to scientists that changed the world. One thing I noticed throughout the posts were that not everyone’s posts were formatted the same. Some broke it up into Q&A and some had one big paragraph. It was easy to find everyone’s posts because they posted it on the teams, overwise it would have taken me a long time of find all the posts. One thing I have learned from all the groups is how they changed the world. The people that were chosen weren’t all famous, I didn’t know most of them. It was cool learning all the different ways that they changed the world little by little. It was also interesting to see how everyone formatted their post differently and I would take that to consideration and make my posts more creative next time. Next time when I will post my research I could look over other people’s to learn and use their skills to grow my own posts. Even though my group has many different people, I think I can put everyone’s work into my consideration for the future.