Hello and welcome to my second eminent blog post! In this post, I will be reflecting on a practice interview we did in class. We were interviewing to build our skills. In the future, we will be having to interview a person that has some connections with my eminent person.

Firstly, one of my main takeaways was how different it was. Recently, I had an assignment interviewing someone for Career Life Education; I was interviewing a person that was in the same field I wanted to be when pursuing my career. It was the same situation but this time it felt more different. Although one reason I believe is, it felt odd was because of the different topics I am asking about. The questions were more personal than formal informational questions. After every response I got, it made me feel like I had to elaborate more than the informational interview. It was a nice experience asking personal questions because some questions got me and Kira (my interview partner) distracted. I will change the order and the content of my questions before I use them for future interviews.

Another aspect I noticed was how I still needed to improve on my interviewing skills. It is not every day I interview someone and develop skills, there are many skills I need to improve on. Some of the skills are eye contact, elaborating more, and being formal. For the interview I will do in the future, I will probably do it over the phone so eye contact would matter as much. However, elaborating more while being formal would be a challenge for me. I could improve my skills on being formal with my friends and my family while not being awkward. Improving this skill would be helpful for future experiences that are yet to come. Overall, I enjoyed the chance to have the practice interview with my peers. They gave me helpful feedback that I would have missed later. All of the feedback and experiences I have encountered would help me with my interview.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great morning/ afternoon/ evening:)