Joanne Chang


November 30,2021

Eminent Interview Reflection

One of the things we had to do for eminent was we had to interview a person. This person could be an eminent person, a family or friend, or anyone who knew the person well. We had 1 month to finish this interview; this is how it went for me.

When I first got the assignment, I quickly found a person to email. After a bit of research, I found multiple people I can send an email to. All the resources I found were extremely busy. I was sure that I couldn’t get an interview but, I still had my hopes up. All the emails I sent never responded. It was understandable because the people I found were all in an older generation like they were retired. After waiting from people, I tried emailing a school that values C.S Lewis thinking they would have something for me. It was a school in Britain that looked like they knew a lot of C.S. Lewis. Although this time they responded. I was surprised because I didn’t have any emails that responded. Even though they responded 1 week later and emailed back to me stating they couldn’t interview with me. At that time, I had no one to email to and the timeline for the interview was over. Even though I had many trials I went through none of them worked. I was sad when none of the people responded but it is understandable.

Going through all these trials made me think about what I can do differently. This is my first time sending an email to someone I don’t know. I did similar assignments like this one before in Careers but this one is a bit more formal. There are many things I can change. One thing I can change is I can try to reach out to them on all platforms. Sending an email is formal and a great way to communicate but I recently noticed that some of the people I sent emails to are very active on Facebook and Twitter. At that time, I didn’t know they were active because I never use Facebook and Twitter, but I should have thought from their side of perspective. Other than that, I think one other way is t contact people that was less famous. For example, I know some people who were doing a singer for their eminent, they could contact someone who is a huge fan. I could have found a person that admired C.S Lewis and asked the person fewer personal questions. There are many other ways I could have improved myself by finding a person to interview. I noticed that many famous people don’t like to reply to many emails, so I will consider that for next time I might do a similar assignment like this one. Otherwise, I had a fun time finding all of C.S Lewis’ great children, relatives, and even schools.

Thank you for reading this reflection.