Hey fellow people. I am C.S Lewis and you can click here to learn more about me. Make sure you comment down below for any questions and comments for me.

12 thoughts on “Eminent Learning Centre- Grade 10

  1. Your learning centre was really great, Joanne! I really liked how many images and visual aids you had, they helped make it engaging and more creative. I also like how you wrote from his perspective, you did a good job in making it sound like he was the one telling me about himself.
    A question for Mr. Lewis, how do you think The Chronicles of Narnia holds significance today in terms of plot and theme?

    1. Thank you for responding sir, I think my books inspired other authors. Many stories that citizens love wouldn’t be here today if they weren’t inspired from me.

  2. Hello Joanne! I really enjoyed your learning center, as it had many images that made the learning center very pleasant to look at. Also, Mr. Lewis, I was also wondering which authors you enjoy reading?

    1. Hey there, thank you for this question. I like Edith Nesbit, JRR Tolkien, George MacDonald, Florence Lewis, Robert Capron, and Maud Barfield. I adore their books because they inspired me.

  3. Hello C.S. Lewis,

    I particularly liked how clear, simple, and concise your learning centre was! It was very easy to navigate. Similarly, I enjoyed how much imagery you had around the website – it supported the text well and provided additional information. My question for you is: What is your opinion of the genres that are popular today?


    1. Hello there, thank you for commenting on my post. I think the genres are very diverse today. I think it is miraculous how many other genres are there today. It is still impressing me how many different types of books there are.

  4. Hello C. S. Lewis. Excellent learning center. I enjoyed browsing through your creative webpage. My question for you is: Rather than writing books, how do you feel about poetry?
    – Kavyan

    1. Hello sir, thank you for commenting on my post. I think writing poems could be a creative way to interact with people, but I think writing stories, it has a bigger range of creativity that I can strive to. Personally I enjoy the structure of writing novels rather than the form of poetry.

  5. Hey C.S. Lewis! Thanks for teaching us a little about your life. You mention your life during the war and your books were also called violent or gory later on. Do you think that your ability to write about violence was perhaps in part due to your experiences of living during two World Wars?

    1. Thank you for commenting ma’am. Perhaps I believe so. Going through 2 wars and serving as a solider for one of the war I had a hard time after all the wars. Adding onto the experiences, I also talked in a lot of podcasts during the second world war which gave me more memories.

  6. Hello C.S. Lewis, I particularly enjoyed how many visual aids you added to your learning center it really helped me get a more in-depth understanding of yourself. One other thing I really enjoyed was how the page itself was set up with the info; it kept me engaged and I loved it. one question I have is; Did you always want to be a writer or was it something you caught onto at a slightly older age?

    1. Hello Emilie, thank you for looking over my learning centre. Answering your question, I always loved writing literature since I was little. Ever since I was 16 I wrote short books and novel; in fact I acquired a scholarship from oxford for my literature but I couldn’t go because I had to be listed for WW1. Anyways thank you for your comment and stopping by. I hope you have a great day.

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