Welcome to my 7th blog post for my learning progress! For the last couple of weeks, I have been practicing a lot. Here is my update on my progress on the bass guitar so far. This post will be a shorter post than the other ones because it will be my last one.


From the two times my mentor and I meet up, he just listened to me play and gave me lots of tips to improve my playing and sounds. With the in-depth night coming up and the mentoring wrapping up, he just wanted to give me his final inputs with me. One tip that David taught me was the “minor steps” (I don’t know the exact name, but this is what he called them). The “minor steps” are used when the song is slow and uses whole notes. This extra makes a smoother transition to the ear. I have posted a video on my YouTube you can check out to hear what “minor steps” sound like.

minor steps

First love/ Late Spring


sneak peak!

These are the recordings of my progress so far. Feel free to hop onto my YouTube account to see come recording of me playing the bass guitar.



For this blog post, I will not be answering any question, I will be telling what I have planned for the in-depth night that is coming up! For the song, I am picking, Mr. Brightside by The Killers. I am choosing this song because it brings be back to me when I have first started learning the bass. I loved to play along songs that had a fast and upbeat tempo, it also had lots of slides and “minor steps”. I think it is cool how a simple song I have learned at the beginning of the progress can turn into an advanced song with different add ins. Even though this song has like a rock, funk type style, I think the mood of the song is valid for the night! I will be presenting this on stage, so I guess all the audience and stand along and listen to me playing the song in front of everybody for 90 seconds.