Actions points
Water usage.




toilet 30




clothing 100




stuff 400
subtotal 466
shelter 70

8 rooms in my house and 4 people

subtotal 50
transportation 30
subtotal 260
fun 60
subtotal 170
food 20
subtotal 320

Mega subtotal:1466

14.66 h.                                                                                                         (all of my days were the same)


Comparing mine to others:

I’ve looked at five other people’s scores and they all lower than mine. Some people even had numbers in the fives! It was very surprising comparing mine to others.


Actions that boost up my score.

  1. Using hot water when washing my clothes.
  2. Buying all my clothes new.
  3. Having two cars and a SUV.
  4. Using lots of equipment when I do exercises.
  5. Washing my clothes every day.
  6. Having a long shower.
  7. Eating non-organic foods.
  8. Flushing my toilet every time I use it.
  9. Having non-water saving water resources.
  10. Non-energy saving light bulbs.

Changing scores.

5 actions I can change is #5,6,7,8,9,10.

Why I chose these five numbers are because they will be the easiest to change. These are things in my opinion wouldn’t offend my life dramatically. These are things I can just buy at the store and my footprint will become lower.

How I will be changing.

5. I will wear clothes two times a week if they are not as dirty and feel clean.

6.I can buy 2 in 1 or even 3 in 1 in my daily showers to lower my time in the water.

7. Whenever I go with my mom to buy groceries I will pick the organic ones.

8.I might be able to make our family members to choose a bathroom at our house and tell them to do the yellow-mellow.

9. When it is boxing day soon, I will go to home depot to buy some of the equipment.

10. Again, when it is boxing day I will go to best buy to buy some of the energy-saving light bulbs.


All of my changes were challenging but when I got the hang of it I kept it going. At first, the hardest thing was the yellow-mellow because all my family members were grossed out. After I explained to them how it affected our footprint, they all ended my doing it. Some obstacles I encountered were buying the light bulbs. I went to home depot and best buy to find them but they were all sold out. I ordered them from Amazon but didn’t work. But then best buy stocked up with them again and now I have the energy-saving light bulb.


Plans I will take:

Some plans I will take is to tell everybody that ecological footprints matter and that they have to change if they can too.

Also, I might post on my SM to tell people as well.