How to be a REAL Success


The quote I choose from the “relationship” series is “The most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how o get along with people, “Teddy Roosevelt. This quote means to me that even if you have an awesome and great leadership skills and if you know a lot of people that you lead but if you don’t have good relationships or if you can’t get along with these people it will be hard leading them. For example, if I just met a new person I never saw before and I don’t talk or try to get along with them, there is a high chance that they think that I don’t like them. If this is the case, they might think that I am better than them; which makes it hard communicating with them or even leading them. Why I choose this quote compared to all the other types is because I think getting along and having firm relationships is the most important of all. Honestly, I am shy when I am in a new environment but occasionally, I need to remind myself that relationships make mine and their life easier; and it does make my life easier. I have help with the rules, how things work, schedule, and maybe having a new friend. When I grow up and when I have a group to lead in the future, I will use this quote because this is a hard thing for me to do. All my life I have been asked first and I never actually stepped up to talk to the person that I am with first. With this quote, I can look back on how I felt and not let the person I will be speaking to feel awkward or even not safe.


For equipping, a law I chose is the Mt. Everest law. When I first saw the law without the content I was puzzled and confused. After I read and understood the law step by step, I found out that this law is the most important law of all. This law means to question yourself and ask, what is my dream? “what could be”, who is on my team “what is “and what should my dream team look like? “what must be.” These rules mean thinking of the dream partnership. I think more people get more success, there are more ideas and more brains thinking at once. If these people are not the people you might know, then it will be hard working with them. Finding and growing a dream that you know is more efficient and more helping for the company or career. I personally think that this statement is great because working alone is hard and what’s even hard is working with people you don’t know. Equipping people is easy but finding the people who works the best with you is challenging. That’s why I recommend finding a dream team at a very young age and growing the team; having people who you truly know that works best with you.



For this topic, it was hard to find something I could relate to. But this quote,” The major different between successful and unsuccessful people is how they think!” THESIS: Thinking For a Change. When I started thinking about this quote and how it impacted my past it was a big issue for me. One example was when I swam, I always thought I was going to get a good time in my best event. So, I thought to myself I will try more harder in my best event; which lead me to doing bad in the other events. I can use this example for connecting to my future because I know how it feels and I have done it myself. I know that it totally changes the way I work and how committed I am to stride for my goals. This goal means to me that our mindset changes how we work and how we see events we need to go through. Our mindset will also change our attitude. Adding on to the following sentence, out attitude will change the way we build relationship. If our mindset or our attitude isn’t that good, that will end up changing the way we live and interact with strangers.



For the final and last topic, the law I chose is The Law of Process. Why I chose this law but not the other law is because I look back into it personally everyday. The law of process is “leaders developing daily, not in a day”. Why I look back into this law everyday is because one of the greatest leaders in the world had a hard time making people understand their thoughts. Their mind was different with made them a great leader when they got elected or stepped up. This means that the “behind the stage story” is very surprising then normal brains could think. People need to develop everyday to be stronger; such as relationships too. Not only leaders but everybody needs to work hard to develop a strong skill or work. Leaders aren’t all strong or good at leading; athletes practice everyday, they develop their skill and muscles to be better; relationships need to be closer everyday, they develop a bond together and make the relationship harder to break. I think in my future life, I need to learn how to develop and learn the progress by myself. Its easy to attend every swim practice because there is a schedule, its easy to go to school everyday because it’s a part of my identity, a student. Having something new involve in my life’s daily basis is hard to keep up. I need to learn the progress and how my brain or skills develop to include it to my life. Even if I think I’m done learning or I am perfect at something, I need to know that there is no end in learning.