January 06, 2021

For my In-depth project for this year I choose to do simple car mechanics. In the short period for time given I will try to understand the car. Starting from big; engines, body, etc. to small; brakes, oil, etc. Even though I think I might not be able to cram all the information in my head, I will still strive to be able to get a simple car check up done by myself at the max. I honestly think have a basic knowledge of cars is helpful to have because my dad is usually at work fixing cars so when I am alone with the rest of my family I will understand what is going on and it will be a head-start for my drivers license test.


The reason I choose this topic is that whenever I take a step outside, I see cars. Cars are such a normal powerful mechanic that mostly every household has. It has revolved from many hundreds of years. Curious me, 5 years ago, it made me wonder how it works, run, and use up power. I never had a chance to ask because I was too young and busy that age. You know I use to imagine what it looks like inside a car by seeing the interior, body, and the bottom. My dad told me “cars are a simple but a very complex machinery.” Going to my dad’s shop every month or so, I asked a bunch of questions, yes, that time when I asked questions, I learned but I wanted to take this a step further. This time I wanted to learn with a book, with a mindset that I want to learn. So honestly even if I wouldn’t be able to do simple fixings on a car, I will learn what cars are all about.


Learning this skill seemed complicated from the start. I didn’t know where to start because there are many points to start; top to bottom, front to back, big to small, simple to complex. I am going to learn by reading a book. It is a car mechanics textbook that my dad used when he was learning. Using this book will allow me to have all the topics organized and be able skim the information before I learn it fully. Learning with a book mainly works better for me than watching videos or a presentation. I can look back whenever I want to and underline or highlight that parts that are important for me. With this book will give me a guideline for my dad to follow. He can give me little lessons I can take notes or just listen. Reading the textbook before and after will give my brain a higher chance of remembering certain parts. One part I am most excited about is I will draw/sketch down whatever I learned on a notebook. I am excited for this because I will be able to visually see the progress, I made learning and drawing. At the end I will be able to make a little book about 20-30 pages long and see how much I learned.


To be really honest I don’t really want anyone else helping me or getting to solve problems with me. I like being independent and I work harder when I’m alone. This makes it hard to other people who would want to help me walking the path. But one thing I thought of is leaving me alone. I do not like people asking questions because I get annoyed easily especially for the topics I don’t fully know. Leaving me alone will allow me to be the fullest of my work habits and how much my brain thinks. Honestly all of this might seem a little harsh, but I think this is what I need for the others to do. I don’t like talking when I’m thinking because it cuts off my brain circulation of thoughts. All in all, what I need during this journey is a lot of quiet alone time.


I will be making a couple more blog posts about my journey so look out! This is my first one and I hoped you enjoyed!