#2 In-Depth Post (contact with mentor and basic software skills)

Welcome back to Hanson’s awesome second Rhino 3D In-Depth post.


Catching you up with the latest news, I was able to locate a mentor to guide me as I learn Rhino 3D modelling software. For my first few interactions with my mentor, we worked on connecting and finding a good plan of action for learning this intense software.


First Meetings

During our first video call, we invested some time into understanding the intent of Rhino 3D. Rhino is a 3D modelling software by core, so technically it can be applied to any profession necessary, even graphic design and multimedia. Specifically, it is most popular in the Architectural, Industrial, and Product design realm.

After that, I have gotten a recommendation for a few resources to learn the software, as well as some main points to guide me. My mentor suggested that I should start with simple and easy follow along with tutorials and simply play around with the functions as I learn. Thus, I have come to the suggestion of learning the fundamental structure and build off from that basic knowledge with play and failure.


Using lessons from the Beautiful Mind Booklet

When communicating with my mentor, I especially tried to challenge the art of communication. Sometimes you may be right, but you aren’t effective at communicating your ideas, which may be worse than not talking at all. When communicating with my mentor, I focused on listening and observing. I took time to think about what he said before responding immediately, thus allowing me to give a better response.

When communicating with my mentor, I have not found a reason to disagree yet. However, I did encourage the ideas of my mentor and build off from that to refine them. This allowed us to create better plans and allowed me to practice respectfully share my ideas.

Along with that, I used the techniques and lessons mentioned in the Beautiful Mind Book to strengthen my communication skills with my mentor. I thoroughly examined an idea and gave time for it to sink in. I found this to be especially useful because I could later compare the idea and strengthen it in my own time. Most of the things we discussed were technical, but even there, you could have multiple ways to do the same thing. I realized the importance of listening.



Overall, during this session, I got started with a strong fundamental base from which I could build off from. I also practiced the art of communication, agreeing, disagreeing, and learned to listen. Throughout this experience, I have realized the power and usefulness of listening. It is to not focus on too many of the faults and small dents but rather to see the bigger lesson in which your mentor/teacher is presenting to you.

As of my progress, I have been working on modelling a simple fire extinguisher to extend my understanding of the software. Understand the basic structure of how it works, etc.


Next time you come, you should be able to see the finished fire extinguisher and possibly more models.

Thank you so much for coming to my In-Depth post,