Hanson’s In-Depth Blog #6

Welcome back!

This is my final In-Depth progression post. In this final post, I will be summarizing some of the subjects I have focused on in the last few weeks. Additionally, I will be explaining the final chapters of De-Bono’s principles, as well as how I implemented them throughout my experience. Lastly, I will be discussing a little about the In-depth night where I will be presenting all of my progress with this project and the experience I have had throughout. 

During the last few weeks, I have participated in a few things to summarize. I have composed projects to embark on, rather than reading and information intake, I took my skills to hand and experimented with the Rhino software. Naturally, I encountered problems along this process of learning, I utilized my mentor’s expertise as well as individual research on the internet to help me overcome and/or gain more information on the problem. 


To bring you back to some of the projects I have completed, I have first started learning rhino by following an online tutorial provided on YouTube. The purpose of this process is to transition into this confusing software and gradually understanding the structure. 

Equipped with a basic understanding of the software, I built off this process by creating more smaller-scale creations on the software. I strengthened my understanding, as well as explored new tools by modelling existing objects in my room. One project involved modelling a lamp in my room, this was to walk me through the whole process of modelling something and introduced me to a lot of new skills in this software. 

Lastly, a continuing project was to design a comfortable chair specified to my mom’s dimensions that were made completely out of cardboard. This required lots of measurement and utilized the power of the software to get exact measurements and shapes of components needed for the chair. I have started building the chair to the exact specifications in size, however, I still need to refine it. This chair will be presented on the final In-Depth night. 

De-bono’s principal

During this period, I communicated with my mentor by using some of De-Bono’s principles for communication. One topic De-Bono mentioned was the importance of recognizing main concepts. I have continued to jot down the main points discussed but improved by following up with a clarification question. This would go like “it seems to me that the concept here is … is that correct?”. Using this type of communication, I found our conversations were more organized, and there was more clarity in the information. 

Another important point that De Bono brings up is the importance of alternatives. This is especially important because I have had to provide many alternatives during this project. Before meeting with my mentor, I would bring up a few ideas, as well as a few alternative ideas. For example, I would present the idea of making a chair, but also the idea of making a stool, or a bench, etc. This way we have more stability in our discussions. I also suggest asking for alternatives, this means I discussed his opinion of alternatives when we have run into a problem not solvable with our current state. 

In-depth night

On May 31st, I will be presenting a summary of this in-depth experience. The event is happening in the evening, around 7 pm-9 pm. I will be discussing my experience throughout this project, as well as discussing how De-Bono’s rules helped me with my mentor interactions. I will also be providing images of my projects, as well as images of my progression through this project. I hope to share mostly more about the learning lessons I have learned, ones that benefit everyone, as well as a timeline of my progress. However, I will not be expressing a lot of technical parts of this project as it requires an understanding of the software on your side. 

Thanks for sticking around all this time, 

Looking forward to the in-depth night