Remote Learning Reflection

Online learning has had a major impact on my learning workstyle this year, making me a more individual and focused learner, while also introducing some flaws. Both Hybrid learning and Learning group learning have benefited me in my learning this year, providing different experiences and different impacts/results. Hybrid learning has made in-class learning more concentrated and compacted the amount of teacher instructional time in a smaller timeframe. This meant that in-class collaboration was frequently cut as a result of the shorter timeframe. Although the in-class experience was slightly flawed in the Hybrid system, it provides honourable opportunities for self-learning. The Hybrid learning experience allows students to exercise their individual learning skills; this I believe is one of the most valuable skills to have in life. Learning accompanies an individual throughout their entire lifetime, therefore given an opportunity to transition to self-learning is important in secondary school.

Technology has provided me value able resources, tools, and opportunities for the modern world. One example of where technology has proven crucial in my success is in my 6-month long project. In this project, I had to learn how to 3D model as a part of our individual learning. I believe that every student should be able to unpack a passion project of sorts every year to expand their individual learning. When working on this project, I found it very helpful to use technology and access resources efficiently and use the software needed to 3D model digitally. Another project in which this has proven useful is during my science project at the start of the year. The project required a lot of information and knowledge exchange. Thus technology helped me collect resources efficiently and organize them and use digital tools to present them efficiently. As much as technology has helped me, there is still a fear of losing this tool, therefore I want to keep reminding myself that technology is still in fact a tool and is to be treated as one. This prevents technology to separate us from our surroundings.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize the importance of individual learning brought in by the hybrid system this year. I feel that individual learning is such an important skill and should be introduced more respectfully at an earlier stage. This helps lay a foundation for learning, not only will students be able to learn individually, but be motivated to do so at the same time. I hope this is something we can catch from pandemic learning and bring back into normal academics.


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