Reading Eminent Introduction Blog Posts – Reflection

I’ve really enjoyed looking through the blog posts of people who were in the Guardians Of The Galaxy team as well as the blogs of other people such as Dylan who had a common eminent person choice as me. After reading these blogs, I have observed some key aspects which made blogs successful and engaging to read. The inclusion and connection to different media sources such as images, articles, and videos backed up the writer’s statements nicely and allowed readers to get a more in-depth view of the topics. The second aspect I enjoyed was clear and concise organization. I preferred reading medium-sized paragraphs focusing on one topic at a time rather than reading one big blurb of information. This organization gave me a break and allowed me to truly take in the concepts. Lastly, the use of specific and detailed explanations prevented the reader from assuming what the writer means but rather lets the readers understand correctly. Overall, I think all the grade 9s and 10s did a great job writing their introductions, they have shown great thought in this project and demonstrate an interest in their eminent person. Thank for this opportunity!