Jade PNE – Hanson

In the past week, I was responsible for creating the Theme Park Map for Jade PNE (Jade Peony). My role involved tasks such as constructing the elements for the map, assembling objects into a clear layout, and adding graphic design components for the final product. Throughout this process, I was encouraged to experience the story from the perspectives of various characters. For example, the dumpster/wind charm attraction (#5) was designed so the wind charm emerges from the dumpster. This was done because Poh-Poh viewed the wind charm not as trash, but as a bridge that connected her to her grandson. This concept combined with details such as light placed inside of the dumpster allowed me to show the concept of something of no value (dumpster) creating something with value (wind-chime). This project has allowed me to understand the connections between the characters and the events in more detail by inviting me to view the events from various perspectives.


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Jade PNE Park Map: