In-Depth Post #2

I have not yet found a mentor for my in-depth project. What I have found, though, is someone who I can work with. Simran is also pursuing watercolor painting as her in-depth project, and since we both have not been able to find a mentor, we decided that it would be more convenient if we work together and share a mentor. We talked about our schedules and decided that meeting our mentor at lunch would be the most suitable considering our schedules, which meant we had to try and find a mentor within our school.

After researching a little about Gleneagle’s art teachers, we reached out to Ms. Croft, who was Prabigya’s watercolor mentor last year. Unfortunately, she told us that she is unable to mentor us because of her busy schedule, but she also said that she might have a possible grade 12 mentor for us. A few days later, she emailed us and said that she might have a possible mentor for us; a very talented grade 12 who is doing an independent study with her. We have not yet gotten a response from our possible mentor, but both Simran and I are very hopeful and excited about this amazing opportunity.

While I wait for the response, I have been researching about watercolor painting. I have yet not boughten any of the materials, but I have been learning about the techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on wet, and dry on dry. Learning about all these techniques are making me even more excited about finally finding a mentor, and I can’t wait to start painting till my hands hurt! I have also made a to-do list of what I want to accomplish before in-depth ends, and I have been sketching some ideas I have onto a small notebook so I could catch up with everyone else who already got a mentor. I can’t wait until I get my first lesson!

These are some of the videos I have been watching:

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