In-Depth Night

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My name is Amin, and for my in-depth project this year, I decided to learn the “art”¬†of watercolor painting. I started off knowing NOTHING about watercolor, but with the help of my partner, Simran, and my mentor, Nina, I was able to improve my techniques and learn new skills. For my final presentation, I decided to make 5 different paintings and show a time-lapse video of the painting progress.

Have fun looking through my presentation!

(Please click the View Original button if you are only able to see the left half of the videos. Thank you.)

Man on Boat

Cloudy Day

Ocean Waves

Autumn leaves


We’ll miss you Mr. Morris

Please leave a comment if you have any questions, and thank you for joining me tonight!

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36 thoughts on “In-Depth Night

  1. Hey Amin! I love your use of gradients in your drawing and the colour scheme you used in every photo. I can tell the warmth or the season of each drawing from the colours. I hope you continue to explore new creative drawings and styles of painting.

  2. This is really cool! I can really tell that you’ve learned a lot about watercolor painting from this project. Keep it up!

  3. Hey Amin!

    I love the artwork! Sketching and painting are both passions of mine, but I’m still quite new to watercolor. I like the fact that you decided to show your process by taking time-lapse videos.
    I read a little bit about watercolor from your previous in-depth posts. Could you please tell me about how the different types of watercolor styles (wet on wet, dry on wet, etc.) impact the painting? Which styles were easier/harder to paint?

    Great job! I hope you keep practicing watercolor.

    • Thank you so much! Although I’m not too sure, I would say based off of personal experience, wet-on-wet makes the painting more softer while wet-on-dry makes the painting more sharper. Wet-on-wet made it more easier to paint the background, while wet-on-dry made it more easier to paint the main subject of the painting. Thanks for asking!

  4. Thanks for sharing so many of your art pieces. I love the time-lapsed filming of a painting in action. Which is your favorite art piece and why?

    • Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the time-lapse videos. To answer your question, my favourite painting would be the one of Goku, as I drew it because it is the main character of Mr. Morris’s favourite anime. Also, the book I used to sketch the painting was given to me by Mr. Morris as a secret Santa gift.

  5. Hi,

    I have been trying watercolour too, during the pandemic. Have you tried painting any local scenery? Where do you get your ideas of what to paint?

    • Thank you so much for your question! I have not painted any local scenery’s yet, but I hope to do so in the future. For now, I am getting my ideas off of the internet. Thank you!

    • Thanks! I’m happy that you think my paintings are good. I would say I enjoyed making the Goku painting the most, as I made it because of Mr. Morris.

  6. Well done, Amin! Watercolour is deceptively simply looking. I love the effect you created in some pieces of reflection and movement!

  7. WOW! I love all your painting, but my favorite is the Autumn Leaves! You are so talented! You can see that you put in a lot of effort into this project! Watching all videos was so cool! How long did it usually take you to paint one of the paintings?

  8. These are all really well done! Personally, I really like the autumn leaves painting, but in general, they’re all really good! I really love how you had a timelapse of all of your paintings!

  9. This is very impressive! You clearly put a lot of time into this project. What other types of art, if any, have you learned in the past? Are you planning on continuing with this style of art? Great work!

    • Thank you! I have never learned any kind of art in the past, and I am hoping to continue with this style of art.

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