In-Depth Post #3

Hello, and welcome to my third in-depth blog post. Although not too much has happened since my second in-depth blog post, here what happened since then.

(I just realized that not everyone can view the photos I have inserted into this blog post. To see the photos, please press the view original button. Thanks! Also, this is the link to my second in-depth post, in case you haven’t seen it yet: Amin’s Second In-Depth Post)


To Have A Beautiful Mind:

While reading the chapter, two points struck out to me the most.

#2 To ask for clarification whenever you are unclear or in doubt about something the mentor tells you or shows you.


#3 To support a point your mentor makes with additional facts, figures, evidence, etc.

During my meeting with my mentor, I always reminded myself of these two ideas so that I can get the most out of our meetings. To be able to support a point my mentor gives me, I had to do some research on baking soft chocolate chip cookies. I watched many videos and read multiple blogs beforehand, and I made sure to ask as many questions as I can during my meeting with my mentor.


What I Did With My Mentor: 

My mentor and I had our third meeting, and this time we decided to make chocolate chip cookies. In our last meeting, she had told me to do some independent research and find a recipe of what I want to bake online, and after looking at different recipes, I decided on a chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe from


While I was baking, my mentor would give me advice and teach me techniques to make my chocolate chip cookies even yummier.

A piece of advice I found really helpful was knowing when I should under-mix or over-mix my cookie dough. She told me that “the more [you] over-mix the dough, the denser the cookie will become, and the less you mix the dough, the fluffier the cookie will be”. Because I wanted to make my chocolate chip cookie a little dense, I mixed the dough for a little longer time than what the recipe told me. Also, she told me that the longer I cool the dough, the more flavorful the cookie will be, but because I could wait to eat my cookies, we decided that cooling it for an hour would still be fine.

These are some photos of the cookie dough I made with the help of my mentor. (I lost the photos of my finished cookies, but I can tell you that they tasted very delicious).

Cookie dough is still watery and not yet finished.

All better!

Once we were finished baking the chocolate chip cookies, my mentor told me to again find a recipe for a bakery item I wanted to make for our next meeting. For now, I am looking for brownie recipes and watching baking videos online.

This is everything that has happened since my last in-depth post, and hopefully, you had fun reading it. Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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