Eminent Introduction Post – Stephen King

“Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.” 
― Stephen King 

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Stephen King. One of the most renowned writers to most likely every exist. A wizard with words, and an absolute genius when it comes to atmosphere. His writing will draw you in until you can’t put the book down. Therefore, Stephen King’s writing is what I spend time reading the most. His ability to keep me hooked on every word, on every page even, is incredible. He’s changed the way horror and thriller writing is seen and done. His creativity pulling on the eerie tone he wants and being able to put that onto paper, is something I personally admire and wish I had the skill to do. Not only are his skills something I seek to one day gain myself, but his values are also notable. His determination and his need to strive for the best are things I aspire to do. These qualities are what made his writing so great and why I keep picking up his work. 

I’m not the only one who thinks King’s writing is out of this world. His effect on fellow writers is something he can be respected for as well. He’s affected many writers, but the most notable person he influenced would have to be Brett Easton Ellis. Ellis wrote American Psycho which was then adapted into a movie in 2000 which grossed nearly $5 million on release in box office.  

Even though Stephen King has been very successful, he has still had to go through hardships as well. When he was grown up and living with his wife and two kids, he never had much money to spare. He wrote in his spare time, sending short stories to magazines for small checks in the mail to keep them off welfare, and worked his main job. Soon, he became popular in the magazine world and gained some critics. They stated that he wrote “men’s stories” and couldn’t write from the view of a woman. That he feared them. King took this as challenge and started to write a short from the perspective of a woman to prove his critics wrong and to show his skill. When he began this story, he almost gave up thinking it was too hard and he really couldn’t write differently. Then his wife intervened. She edged her husband to keep writing it, to turn it into an entire book if he wanted to and she helped him along the way. From this, his book Carrie was written. 

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Despite having many things in common with Stephen King for example our creativity, our perseverance, our perfectionism, there are still things that set us apart and become a bridge that I must cross when presenting. Some things that stand in my way are gender, for example, I identify as a woman and Stephen King identifies as a male. Age is another factor, he is much, much older than I am garnering much more experience in his talent and life in general. This doesn’t hold me back from loving his writing and wanting to understand his creativity more or being able to present on him. 

Overall, I look forward to delving deeper into his life and seeing how he has grown as a writer. As a fan, a casual creative writer, and a horror fanatic, Stephen King has always intrigued me. Through this presentation I hope to learn more about him and his craft, and maybe show my peers how much impact a writer can have on the world.