In-Depth Introductory Post

I have emailed Scott Findley, who is supposed to assist me with a mentor, but he has not gotten back to me.  

For In-Depth, I will be exploring the world of cosplay prop making! I have been interested in cosplay for a while and I follow activity of professional cosplayers on social media. The cosplay world and the idea of dressing up and playing the role of your favorite video game or anime character has always intrigued me.  I was considering doing sewing, so I could work on the main part of the outfit, but instead I have decided to do the prop instead. I already know how to sew so learning prop making instead will give me a new set of skills. 

The process of making my props will most likely occur in my home or in the park near my house. Depending on what materials I work with and if I need a ventilated area. The weather will also be a problem so most, if not all, of the process with happen at my house. 

Every two weeks I will meet with my mentor to progress with my prop, and I’ll set goals for myself to meet every month. I’ll also work on my project every week and try to work around my homework and after school commitments. 

Through meeting with my mentor every 2 weeks, and researching on YouTube, blogs, social media, I plan on creating a prop that hopefully looks semi-professional. I’m not very familiar with the process of prop making but from some previous research I have a basic idea of the materials. Some resources I might need are things like foam, sealant, sandpaper, etc. The rest of this process with become clear to me after meeting with my mentor.  

I decided to do prop making because my friend and I have been talking about cosplaying for conventions for a while and we decided to really get into it this year. I decided to use In-Depth as a way to find motivation to work on my cosplay, since the convention we plan to go to is in the end of summer. Otherwise, I find the skill to make cool, professional looking props is a really cool concept and one I’m excited to explore.

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