In-Depth Blog Post #2

So far, the process of my In-Depth project is a steady moving one. I have had a hard time getting any progress with the physical project because it has been difficult to find times to meet with my mentor, Mr. Findley. This would be my only frustration so far. We have met twice already, and hopefully we will be able to get into the swing of things to have our schedules line up.

Mr. Findley’s question answers:

  1. Mr. Findley gained his experience through experimenting and creating cosplay items, while also watching popular cosplay T.V shows to help. YouTube also assisted in building knowledge but most of it came from trial and error.
  2. Cosplay for Mr. Findley was, and still is, a fun process. When on a time crunch, it can become a little stressful, and sometimes expensive, but it’s satisfying when being able to hold one of his own creations in hand.
  3. Some wisdom I have gained from my mentor is there is always a cheaper alternative. When listing off materials that I could use, he mentioned that I don’t always need the more expensive materials to make a good product. You can still do a lot with what you have, and put good use to everything at your disposal.
  4. In terms of facilitation strategies, I have learned that communication and being able to relate to your mentee is important. Without communication, actual meetings could not happen and the mentor and mentee wouldn’t be on the same page, causing the whole operation to be dysfunctional. Also when you are able to relate to your mentee is important, because it makes working with them way easier, just like how both Mr. Findley and I understand that there are financial constraints when indulging in this hobby.

There have been drafts of what I am planning to make, and so far no adjustments have been needed to it. The project I am looking to do is simple, with small details to make it a little bit of a challenge but easy enough that a beginner like me could finish. Here are the reference pictures I sent Mr. Findley for my cosplay prop idea:

(The staff that the champion is holding)