In-Depth Blog Post #3

  1. Something that went well during our mentor sessions is clear communication and direct instruction. When working with my mentor, the instructions he gave me were very concise, which caused no problems when it came to receiving the list of materials needed and the direction I should take using those materials. There was no unnecessary information exchanged which made the tasks I needed to complete easy and fast.
  2. To improve my mentor interaction quality I could prepare questions or problems before we meet, I could prepare progress pictures to get direct instructions of what to do next, and lastly I could use the time I meet with my mentor to the maximum by asking for special tips and advice on how to create an improved product.
  3. In action for all of these, I could write down any questions and tips I want to ask for and take pictures in advance. When things are prepared in advanced, the experience will be maximized and I will get a lot more out of our meetings.

My cosplay prop is in the beginning of making, as I have the materials required to begin (piping, plastic, glue gun, etc). The notes from my mentor, Mr. Findley, were clear and the process is going to be smooth. So far, the only obstacle I have faced is finding time to meet with my mentor, as he is a very busy person with limited time to see me, but we have made it work through e-mail messaging. I haven’t had to make any adjustments to my project just yet and everything is running according to how I planned it.