In-Depth Blog Post #4

  1. The most difficult mentoring challenge currently is keeping in contact with my mentor. Since we met in person and talked to each other in that way, he has made it clear that he doesn’t prefer using e-mail. Additionally, his first task he gave to me was quite large and I haven’t found myself needing to approach him because he laid out each step quite clearly in our first couple of meetings. Due to this extended break I haven’t been able to meet with him otherwise so keeping in contact is still difficult.
  2. Something that’s been working well is finding resources online. Since this is a very popular project, I’ve been able to find many videos of people completing it similarly, this one being one of my favorites:

This advantage makes it simple for me to visualize what other people have accomplished and envision how my project will come out similarly. These resources also show examples of materials they found helpful which widen my knowledge on materials I could use as alternatives.

3. Something that could be working better is getting the materials for the next steps in my project. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, leaving the house for materials isn’t easy as we didn’t foresee this happening and we didn’t collect everything we needed for the project. For example, I don’t have materials like sand paper, or sealant. Although acquiring theseĀ  materials isn’t ideal due to the current quarantine situation so it isn’t really something I can alter or affect to fit my needs.

As I previously mentioned, the progress on my project has been slow due to the issue of COVID-19. Before the break I managed to complete the main hand held staff portion:

(Images will be e-mailed)

I have also been able to create a pattern for the main ornament part at the top of the staff and trace this onto a piece of foam board which is going to be cut out and sanded down when I have access to sandpaper. The pattern and cutout for the end of the staff will be the next task of this. Overall the progress for the project is going smoothly and I haven’t needed to make any other large changes other than changing the material of the main decoration around the pole/handheld part. Originally, I was planning to be make it out of a malleable plastic, this was instructed by my mentor, Mr. Findley, but I also found it useful to make the pieces out of foam board since overall it was easier to work with and just as functional.

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  1. Useful instructional video. Now, I would like to see photos or videos of you assembling pieces. Any way that recyclable materials may be useful? This wold be a way to be more environmentally friendly, too.

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