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Hi, and welcome to my In-Depth Blog post! 

Thank you for stopping by! My In-Depth project was done on the wonderful world of cosplay. Now, what is cosplay you might be wondering. It’s a trend that gained rising popularity in pop culture and continues to be apparent in fandoms and communities. Cosplay is, by definition, the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.” There are many components to cosplay, and I decided to focus on the prop aspect. What the character holds while they dress up.  

For more background on who I decided to replicate: The character I chose is from a popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game called League of Legends. It was created in 2010 and had a massive increase in downloads since then. In the game you can get specific skins which are alternate character designs for your champion, and I chose the Star Guardian skin. 

A factor about cosplay that had me a bit hesitant to follow through with the process was the cost. Supplies for a good result would be pricey and I wasn’t sure how much I’d be allowed to spend on materials so some of the materials I did use were on a budget causing the quality to be a bit lower. For my first experience I didn’t expect to have the most refined looking product, but I wanted to try my best. 

Something else that hindered the process immensely was COVID-19. I had bought some supplies before the quarantine and it was looking good. I was spending time every week looking at references and marking out progress. And then the quarantine happened. Due to unseen events, I was unable to leave my house all that often to go purchase materials which made it 100 times more difficult. I had to make do with what I had but the problem solving was just more part of the fun! 

Some things that went well were the planning phase. I had made cut outs to preplan how big the main pieces were going to be, and it helped with the sizing to make it look proportional. That part I’m pretty proud of. In the future, I plan on completing it after COVID-19 is over to make a completed product as there’s still a lot of pieces I’m missing. I also want to continue to explore other props I could make from other games and books and hopefully learn how to make quality props.  

I encourage you to leave comments and questions! I’d be glad to answer them. 

34 thoughts on “In-Depth Final Post

  1. wow that sounds like so much fun Anya!! I can’t wait to see the photos you upload to your post 🙂

  2. Hi Anya,

    Thanks for sharing your research. It’s unfortunate that you were unable to fully create your costume. Maybe you could talk about what you envisioned as your creative process – the steps you have taken / still need to take to reach your goal.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! The next step I would’ve taken would be assembling and painting the main piece of the staff. Then I would’ve collected more materials to continue the detailing on the bottom of the staff and the connecting part between the hand held bar, and the main ornament. I’m not quite sure how I would’ve done the feather detailing around the main ornament; of course I didn’t get that far. But I might’ve used foam as well, or wire with a lot of faux feather attached to give it a more lively feel. I’m definitely going to try and continue and finish this project over the summer.

  3. I agree with Indah. The photos made all the difference. What did you enjoy the most? What was the most challenging and why?

    1. Something I enjoyed the most was painting the main staff white. Originally it was a dark grey color and looked quite unattractive, but repainting it white was quite therapeutic. The most challenging part of this, as I mentioned previously, was the lack of materials. I had done a tester with a glue gun for assembling the main ornament and found that the glue was too thick to make it look decent. I’m going to have to find a different solution in the near future.

    1. I think it’s mostly because they like representing what they’re interested in! That’s what its like for me at least. I enjoy embodying what interests me.

  4. Your props look amazing Anya! They must have taken a lot of time and effort! Can’t wait to see the final result 🙂

  5. This is a really creative topic! Are you planning to use the prop you make to dress up in cosplay yourself? Great work integrating your passions into this project!

    1. Yes, I do! In the future I’m going to conventions with friends, hopefully dressed up as my favorite character. After I’m finished the prop I hopefully will move on to the main costume, depending on how difficult it is.

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