5 thoughts on “Science Talon Talk

  1. Hi Anya! I loved your presentation! It was really cool how you connected a childhood memory with your experiment topic, and you left me with a lot more of an interest in crystal growth than I had before. I also found it helpful that you referenced professional experiments conducted to support your learning. Finding a wish I had was very difficult, but if I were to make a small suggestion it would be to speak a little bit more clearly as your audio could be a little bit muffled at times. My question for you is: do any of the factors you mentioned in your presentation impact the colour of the crystals?

  2. Hi Anya! Your inquiry topic was really cool and I learned a lot from it. You did a great job explaining crystal growth. A minor wish I have for you is to speak louder since the audio was a little quiet. This wasn’t much of an issue because I could hear you clearly when I turned my volume all the way up. A question I have for you is about temperature and how that affects the rate of growth. Is there an ideal temperature for crystal growth, and if yes, why is that? Amazing job on your presentation!

    – Simran

  3. Amazing job Anya! You spoke really clearly and your PowerPoint was interesting yet not cluttered! It may have been good to explain some of the topics you spoke on a slight bit more, but even that isn’t a big deal. My only question would be, from your findings, is there a solution that would work better than the ones you tested in terms of growth?

  4. Great job, Anya! I thought your PowerPoint was very informative and relatively easy to follow. Your inclusion of diagrams from a completed study using crystals and a Tesla magnet were really interesting. A wish that I had for your presentation was for you to explain some of the diagrams you used. Specifically, I’m referring to the graphs which I found to be very relevant, but I would’ve liked more explanation. My question for you is, what are the steps used for isothermal evaporation? Again, a really great presentation!

    – Brian

  5. This is really cool Anya! Your topic was quite fascinating and you explained everything really well. The diagrams you provided were quite interesting but I wish you could have talked about them a tiny bit more. Other than that it was an awesome presentation and I learned a lot. A question I have though would be, can you have a magnet give off a strong enough electromagnetic field that it causes the copper solution crystals to grow at a significantly higher rate?

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