Career Education Interview Takeaways

The career I decided to inquire about was Music Therapy, and I interviewed a family friend, Anina Bezuidenhout who has done two years of studying at Douglas College and is doing her second practicum at Capilano University after her summer break is over. She was able to answer all my questions with the exception of one, based off of her experience.  

The first takeaway from this interview that I had was that music therapy is a very connection-based form of therapy. What this means, and how it was described to me was that finding a connection to your patient for the form of therapy to be effective. Understanding where they are in mental health and helping them grow can happen easier when a music therapist observes and understands how their patient reacts.

I also inquired about the schooling process to be educated for this profession. From this, I learned that it can be easy to be overwhelmed by having other classmates who are very talented at this profession. Although the classroom environment is a very non-judgmental place, it was still easy to become worried about self-worth and begin to compare oneself to other people. Music therapy is not only a skill that can be learned but also something that someone could have a natural aptitude for.

The last takeaway I had from this interview was that someone studying for music therapy isn’t limited to only music therapy as a profession. Because of the classes taken in college and university, it is possible to go into other forms of therapy or leadership roles such as working in elderly or childcare, and other similar professions.