In-Depth Night Final Post – ASL

Disclaimer: I am not a hard of hearing or deaf, I am a hearing person. This summary is not meant to be teaching anyone ASL but instead to demonstrate what I have learned over the course of my In-Depth and show my experience with teaching myself ASL alongside with the assistance of my mentor. You […]

In-Depth Blog Post #5

The latest meeting that happened was on Sunday, February 21st. Unfortunately, due to getting a COVID test, I wasn’t able to attend the meeting and we couldn’t reschedule because not many other people were available on other days. Thankfully, Sinu was able to send me the meeting recording and I could watch that to retrieve […]

In-Depth Blog Post #4

Catching up to my classmates with the learning of ASL hasn’t been as much of a struggle as I imagined it to be. I think the most prominent and difficult barrier to overcome is the Deaf or Hard of Hearing community’s standards or expectations. Those wouldn’t really be the right words for it, but there’s […]

In-Depth Blog Post #2

So far, the most difficult and frustrating part of the beginning of my In-Depth project is finding an ASL mentor. First, I attempted contacting college and university professors if they had any students who could help, but after no e-mail reply, I deemed it a dead-end. Then I checked online courses, but the price and […]

In-Depth Intro Blog Post #1

For my In-Depth project this year, I decided on ASL (American Sign Language). Now, this may sound like a considerably basic and uncreative decision to make for In-Depth. There are tons of other classmates doing this subject as well, what will make mine so different? From my perspective, it’s the reason why I chose ASL! […]