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Online Learning and Digital Project Reflection

Good day! In this blog post, I will be answering questions on the role of technology in my learning this year. 1. What are your thoughts on hybrid learning (in person and at home) compared to when you are in your learning groups (at school for all classes). Which format do you prefer, and why?…

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In-Depth Final Blog Post

Here goes nothing! Welcome to my In-Depth final blog post! And that’s probably going to be the motto of this project’s finale – because this has been pretty daunting and very scary. My In-Depth topic this year is singing, and over the course of the last few months, I have tried to improve my singing…

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Sixth In-Depth Blog Post

Welcome! This will be my final In-depth blog post dealing with the How To Have A Beautiful Mind book. I will also be summarizing my more recent learning and going over my plans for my final presentation. Enjoy!   Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve been taking a bit of a break…

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Fifth In-Depth Blog Post

Good day! Welcome to my fifth blog post for In-Depth, once again fashionably late! This time, we have a pretty interesting topic called the Six Hats. First up though is our regularly scheduled progress report. Progress Report Due to some more difficulties with the schedule, I  wasn’t making a satisfying amount of progress in the…

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Fourth In-Depth Blog Post

Good day everyone! Welcome to my fourth In-Depth Check-in blog post. Today we’ll be doing the usual, discussing my progress and applying concepts from How to Have a Beautiful Mind. Between this post and the last, my mentor and I focused on consonants, which, in singing, are more important than you think. Proper technique on…

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Third In-Depth Blog Post

Hello everyone! This is my third In-Depth project update. This update has unfortunately come after a few weeks of great difficulty with the project, but I’ve made a lot of progress with the time I had!    There were a number of unfortunate technical difficulties this week, from my audio cutting out during scales so…

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Second In-Depth Blog Post (Check-In)

Welcome to my second In-Depth check-in blog post! Today we’ll go over my first meeting, the first three chapters of the book How To Have A Beautiful Mind, and my progress with my project thus far.       My first meeting, although briefer than was recommended, was extremely productive. I already have an “assignment” of…

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In-Depth Introductory Blog Post

Howdy! The purpose of this blog post is to introduce you to my skill and my learning plan for the In-Depth project. I’ll be discussing the process I’ve come up with, the timeline I’ll try to follow and the support that I might need as the project progresses. First of all, my in-depth skill will…

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Eminent Person Learning Centre Assignment

Good evening (or whenever you decide to view this), everyone! This presentation will take you through the career of an eminent person I look up to. Just follow the (hopefully) clear instructions on the presentation and enjoy the ride! Please enjoy! Edit: It seems like the presentation embed isn’t fully functional (certain images and links…

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First Core Competencies Reflection

Hi! Welcome to my first Core Competencies reflection. Please enjoy! 1. During Quarter 1, what went well for you? Explain.  Almost everything, honestly. Something about my mindset and my environment must have changed this year and I feel so much more confident. Things that used to make me upset just don’t bother me anymore. I suddenly have the drive…

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