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Sixth In-Depth Blog Post [2022]

Welcome to my sixth and final regular In-Depth blog post! I am in the final stages of my project and I could not be happier that I chose to do the topic that I did. Today I will be outlining briefly my plans for my final presentation and giving a small progress report before the…

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Fifth In-Depth Blog Post [2022]

Good day, and welcome to my fifth in-depth blog post of the school year (besides the introductory one). I will answer some questions about how mentoring is going and give a thorough progress report. What kinds of learning opportunities does the mentor provide to expose you to new learning? My mentor provides me with learning…

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Literature Circles Theme Park Project

Welcome to the Otter Lake Theme Park! Let me show you around. Here is a comprehensive brochure that tells you about the many attractions at our park. To help you find these great activities and get around, we have a map made for you as well: As for my contributions… My roles in completing the…

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Fourth In-Depth Blog Post [2022]

Good day everybody! Welcome to my fourth in-depth blog post of this school year. Today I will be talking about some challenges and some goals during this intermediate phase of mentorship and checking in on my progress as always.  What has been your most difficult mentoring challenge so far? Why?  Goal-setting/communication. I find that my…

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Third In-Depth Blog Post [2022]

Good day! Welcome to my third in-depth blog post. Today I will be reporting on my progress and answering some questions about the theme of context within interactions.  The first question I have chosen to answer is: “What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?”. Quite a few things went very well, as my mentor…

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Second In-Depth Blog Post [2022]

Welcome to my second in-depth blog post of 2022! Today I will be discussing a bit about my mentor, the wisdom I have gained and my progress so far.  As my in-depth skill, tatreez, is a cultural practice, my mentor likely gained a lot of her experience with this craft through her family. During our…

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First In-Depth Blog Post [2022]

Good day, and welcome to my first In-Depth blog post of 2022! For this year’s In-Depth project, I have decided to learn tatreez, a type of traditional embroidery/cross-stitch from my culture. This skill is usually passed down from generation to generation of Palestinian women and is a way to bring families together. Nowadays, many people…

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[Eminent] Interview Reflection

[The following is a reflection regarding the interview portion of my Eminent project. This is NOT a part of my learning centre and to access that post please follow this link https://mygleneagle.sd43.bc.ca/banaa2020/2021/11/30/taylor-swift-eminent-person-learning-centre/] Regretfully, I have not been able to secure an interview for my Eminent Person project. It was extremely difficult to find a great…

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Taylor Swift Eminent Person Learning Centre

Good evening! I’m Taylor Swift, an award-winning American singer-songwriter. Who likes cats. A lot. I was told I had to prepare some sort of learning center…? Linked below is the result. https://sites.google.com/view/taylor-swift-learning-centre/

Nuggets Of Wisdom from John C. Maxwell’s “Developing the Leaders Around You”

Hello! Today I will be discussing a few “nuggets of wisdom” from the leadership course “Developing the Leaders Around You” and the ways they apply to me/T.A.L.O.N.S. leadership planning. Enjoy! The first nugget of wisdom I will be talking about today is the following: “[There are] two types of leaders: the travel agent sends people…

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